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We need a flat tax, not tax ‘reform’


No one disputes that government is a necessary evil and must be funded, but the argument is to what degree any people should be taxed and the price of government they should be obligated to pay By Richard W. Clark Here is a fun tax fact known only to those who worked in the pleasure boating industry of the 90s. ...

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The IRS is a complete disaster and getting worse

IRS auditor

The best way to simply the tax process for the American people and to see to it that the IRS functions as it should is to simplify the tax code By Derek Sun While the President’s approval rating sits as it long has at mediocre levels, and Congress’s approval ratings rest at sea level, there is always one government agency ...

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Once again, taxpayers are being abused by Obama’s IRS


A new House report cites the Internal Revenue Service for paying bonuses to managers and deferring to union activity during a time of reduced customer service at the busiest season of the year for taxpayers The hits against Americans by the Internal Revenue Service, which has been weaponized under the tutelage of the most authoritarian regime in U.S. history, continues ...

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States can further reduce the rising burden of Medicaid


Without substantial welfare program reform on the national level, states will have to step up and implement reforms on the local level  By Derek Sun While spending on welfare has increased in recent years under President Barack Obama, so has the national debt. In the very near future, something will have to give – welfare reform or massive budget growth. Obama favors ...

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