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Corporate tax reform would stop ‘inversions’ and save jobs


U.S. corporate tax rates are the highest in the industrialized world American corporations are increasingly moving their headquarters overseas to more tax-friendly environments President Obama once pledged corporate tax reform, but neither he nor Congress have addressed it These so-called “inversions” cost few jobs but billions in lost tax revenue By Charles Greene There are few concepts more irritating (no ...

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Uncle Sam’s hidden debt bomb


The national debt is actually much larger than advertised Much of the debt is ‘hidden’ from the public and from creditors Massive tax increases will be needed to pay promised benefits, or massive spending cuts More transparency is needed in federal budgeting and expenditures You may not be able to actually hear it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real: There is a ...

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Real Reform: GOP advocates eliminating IRS commissioner

GOVERNMENT REFORM — Republicans have proposed a total revamp of the Internal Revenue Service — GOP blames President Obama’s criticism of Supreme Court’s decision in “Citizens United” case as empowering IRS officials to target Tea Party groups applying for tax-free status — Proposal includes eliminating IRS commissioner position By Jim Kouri Republican lawmakers last week proposed a  total revamping of the Internal Revenue ...

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A Vicious Cycle: How High Taxes Lead to Higher Taxes


By Charles Greene Let’s take a closer look at the concept of wealth redistribution. Put aside for a moment, if you will, any preconceptions or strongly-held political beliefs and let’s try to examine the facts as objectively as possible. It’s a little difficult to do so, admittedly, because there is a definite “chicken or the egg” factor at play here. ...

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Hail, crony capitalism: Taxpayers Lose Again


While there are a number of examples which clearly demonstrate all that is wrong with American politics in the 21st century, perhaps none is so clear than the crush of bipartisan support on Capitol Hill for the Export-Import Bank, a taxpayer-financed boondoggle that essentially acts as a money conduit from Main Street to Corporate America. Constitutional conservatives, an operational minority at present, have long opposed ...

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IRS: Scandal Central under Obama


With each passing week it has become more apparent that the Internal Revenue Service is being managed by bureaucrats who have a distinct anti-conservative, anti-constitutional mindset, and that does not bode well for the Republic. On Wednesday The Wall Street Journal reported that lawmakers investigating the IRS’ lopsided targeting of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status prior to the 2012 elections released ...

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