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There Will Never Be A Convention Of States


Article V Convention of the States is a constitutional tool given us by the founders to get around an unresponsive federal government drunk with power We have some bad news for American conservatives: The leaders of our party, the once Grand Old Party, are trying to figure out a way to win elections without us, and if or when they do, they ...

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The ‘war on poverty’ is really just a war on marriage


Federal anti-poverty programs punish marriage When the “war on poverty” was declared, about 19 percent of the U.S. population was considered living below federal poverty standards; today that figure has only fallen to around 15 percent The ‘war’ has cost three times more than all REAL wars fought by the U.S. since the American Revolution Federal anti-poverty programs only serve ...

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Income tax inequality: Most U.S. households receive more than they pay


The idea of an income tax has always come from left-leaning political parties in the United States The top earners have been paying disproportionate shares of income taxes for decades Now, more Americans receive taxpayer-funded benefits than pay into the system When the 16th Amendment was finally ratified by the required three-quarters of the several States Feb. 3, 1913, the ...

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Half of those living in Chris Christie’s state want to leave


How do you know you are the governor of a failed state? When more residents there want to leave than want to stay, and that’s the case in New Jersey A single, 40-year-old living in New Jersey with annual earnings of $100,000 could gain over $111,000 over the course of a lifetime if he moved to Texas, all based on taxes ...

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Are you paying too much in federal taxes?


This year, for the first time, the federal government took $3 trillion out of the U.S. economy in the form of taxes One economist wonders what will be taxed next, and suggests it come come in the form of a Value-Added Tax Despite this record level of taxation, the government still spent nearly $500 billion more than in took in By Charles ...

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Are you sick of Democrats like Joe Biden slamming successful Americans?


In a recent speech, Vice President Joe Biden pulled the ‘class warfare’ card, as Democrats often do, blaming ‘the rich’ for ‘not paying their fair share of income taxes’ It is a familiar charge from Democrats, despite IRS records which indicate that the richest 10 percent of Americans pay more than 70 percent of annual income taxes  For the first time ever, higher taxes ...

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