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Abortions are tax deductible


The Washington Times released a list of 13 tax deductions that are less well-known amongst Americans. Included in the list are clarinet lessons for children with overbites, wigs, acupuncture and abortion. Abortion? Seriously?! In a word, yes. According to the IRS, abortions are considered a medical expense and are therefore deductible. As stated on the IRS website: “Medical expenses are ...

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IRS targets Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty


Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty group was founded with the American “tradition of freedom and resistance to oppression” in mind, so it’s no surprise that when a big government agency comes around to bully them, they fight back. The IRS has demanded that Campaign for Liberty release information on its donors, a request the group has denied. “Many 501(c)(4) organizations ...

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Uncle Sam is coming after your parents’ debt

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How can you tell Washington, D.C., is desperate to get its hands on every dime it possibly can, to fund its insatiable Big Government appetite? Well now, the Feds are coming after the children of parents who owe Uncle Sam an old debt. The Social Security Administration is teaming up with the Treasury Department to collect debts that are often ...

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The numbers don’t lie: Red states pay


It’s not a statistic that Democrats, who have recently pledged for the umpteenth time to focus on “job creation,” will want to hear, but the figures don’t lie: States run by Republicans have the fastest wage growth. According to a recently-released Bureau of Economic Analysis report on state-by-state personal income growth, the five states with the most wage growth – ...

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These states are taxing their way to poverty

sales tax rates 2014, tax foundation, states with high taxes and poverty

What is a state’s best mechanism for raising operating funds? Turns out it is not the progressive way. A new study has re-confirmed what a slew of earlier studies have found: States with high tax rates see decreases, not increases, in revenue. In a new book titled, “How Money Walks,” Travis H. Brown examined 18 years’ worth of Internal Revenue ...

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At 4-Year Anniversary, Obamacare bill Proves to be a Costly Mistake


Sunday, March 23rd marked the fourth anniversary of the Obamacare bill being signed into law back in 2010. Since then the Affordable Care Act has faced problems in implementation, postponements, litigation, job killing, and of course the calamity associated with the incompetent website. But it seems the problems don’t stop short there. The American Action Forum released a report to mark Obamacare’s ...

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