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Get Uncle Sam out of the real estate business, for opportunity’s sake


A new bill sponsored by Republicans in the House and Senate would dramatically reduce Washington’s massive real estate holdings and give states more control over land management, which would lead to even greater increases in oil and gas production There may not be too many lawmakers and administration types very interested in saving the taxpayers money these days, as the spiraling ...

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Raise the federal gas tax? How about we repeal it instead


The federal Highway Transportation Fund has been short for years and now federal politicians want to raise the gasoline tax for the first time in nearly 20 years, but some experts believe that’s exactly the opposite of what should be done Lawmakers – including, unfortunately, some Republicans – have issued a call recently to raise the federal gasoline tax as ...

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If the ‘Reformicons’ want to ‘reform,’ they can start by cutting regulations


A group of younger conservatives with ‘smarter’ policies seeks to leave the Reagan legacy behind, but the initiatives they favor resemble a Republicanized version of Democratic governance Reform conservatives – “reformicons,” as columnist E.J. Dionne has labeled them – are out to change the Republican Party in a way that frees it from the the “nostalgia” of Ronald Reagan. The ...

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Barack Obama gets to live the ‘denial presidency’


President Obama’s economic policies have been a disaster for the middle class, but he continues to get away with denying it despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary They may never say so publicly, but you’ve got to believe the current living ex-U.S. presidents are envious of Barack Obama’s ability to avoid blame for anything that has gone wrong during his presidency. While ...

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Double taxation is why America loses 60,000 corporations a year

U.S. Treasury

Democrats claim corporations are being unpatriotic by using ‘inversion’ to re-corporate in a country with lower tax rates, but few corporations have actually done that, and the bigger problem is the U.S. tax code in general, something they refuse to help fix In recent months Democrats have tried to make an issue out of American corporate “inversions” – legal procedures ...

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Punishing smokers will higher taxes does not improve public health


New research suggests that punishing smokers with higher taxes is high on punishment but low on improving public health Fewer Americans smoke today than at just about any other time in our history, but millions continue to engage in what many believe is a bad habit. Besides being a nuisance, cigarette smoke and tobacco in general has been proven to cause ...

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Who is REALLY paying all the income taxes? Hint – it’s not the poor


Who REALLY pays income tax in America will surprise you and, if you’re one of the payers, upset you President Obama and Democrats have made political careers out of generating angst among the masses by pitting some socioeconomic classes of Americans against others. Nowhere has this been more common than on the issue of taxes; Obama especially, but Democrats in general, love ...

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