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Your government not at work: HUD doesn’t verify whether housing aid recipients really need the help


HUD is handing out taxpayer-subsidized benefits to ‘the poor,’ even though no one working for the agency really bothers to check to see if they qualify The one thing the distinguishes liberal progressives from conservatives is that the former has all the faith in the world that a group of nameless, faceless bureaucrats are experts who really do have the ...

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Uncle Sam has no idea how bad food stamp fraud really is

America: The Food Stamp Nation

Federal welfare programs, of which there are dozens, provide consistent fodder for budget hawks and government oversight types who detest waste, fraud and abuse Liberals in government historically have not shown much interest in fiscal responsibility nor of being good stewards of the taxpayer’s money generally. That’s why it is so difficult to get any real budget reform in Washington, and why, ...

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The ‘war on poverty’ is really just a war on marriage


Federal anti-poverty programs punish marriage When the “war on poverty” was declared, about 19 percent of the U.S. population was considered living below federal poverty standards; today that figure has only fallen to around 15 percent The ‘war’ has cost three times more than all REAL wars fought by the U.S. since the American Revolution Federal anti-poverty programs only serve ...

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Income tax inequality: Most U.S. households receive more than they pay


The idea of an income tax has always come from left-leaning political parties in the United States The top earners have been paying disproportionate shares of income taxes for decades Now, more Americans receive taxpayer-funded benefits than pay into the system When the 16th Amendment was finally ratified by the required three-quarters of the several States Feb. 3, 1913, the ...

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Health care ‘reform’ means MORE Americans getting less care


Most Americans are now well aware of the fibs, misstatements and outright lies told by President Obama and Democrats to get the “Affordable” Care Act passed in 2010 Despite the law’s promises, one in in three Americans have had to delay getting care because they still cannot afford it, Gallup says in a new survey The survey also found that one-third of adults have ...

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Utah Gov. Gary Herbert’s Obamacare Medicaid expansion will be a Red State disaster


Utah Gov. Gary Herbert has suddenly changed his mind and supports Medicaid expansion under Obamacare in his state State Republicans, meanwhile, continue to oppose it and wonder why the governor has changed his mind Experts say the plan would only create another ‘entitlement for able-bodied adults’ By Charles Greene Somewhat inexplicably, Utah’s Republican Governor Gary Herbert seems intent on letting his state become ...

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Obamacare still hurting more Americans than it is helping


As more of Obamacare kicks in, more Americans are opposing it because the law simply is not doing what its backers and the president said it would do – lower premiums, increase coverage and lower patient costs By Charles Greene Since the Affordable Care Act has been implemented, how do Americans feel about its effect on their lives? Well, according ...

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