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The Obama war on work: More regulations, less productivity


The Obama economy has been hampered throughout his presidency, but it’s not because Americans don’t want to work – it’s because a record number of them cannot find decent employment, and for that, many of them can thank the Obama regulatory machine The Obama economy has never been stellar, but there are a number of reasons for that. When the ...

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Medicare and Social Security: Reforming the Ponzi scheme


Medicare and Social Security are on unsustainable fiscal paths With few in Congress serious about reform, taxes will have to be raised substantially on future generations Free-market solutions are viable and can be implemented now No reform means our kids, grandkids will suffer economically Committed liberals are just about the only people who don’t know how badly government entitlement programs are bleeding ...

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Unemployment: More benefits, less incentive


By Charles Greene It’s a cornerstone of conservative economic philosophy: by creating incentives for the workforce, the economy benefits as a whole. The theory further states that, when you eliminate disincentives, unemployment rates will drop. It appears that when put into practice, the theory holds true. At least that’s what a recent study by the Federal Reserve seems to indicate. ...

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The abject failure of the ‘Great Society’


By Charles Greene When Lyndon B. Johnson unveiled his vision for the Great Society five decades ago, it is doubtful that even he had any idea of the long-term costs it would engender. It’s also difficult to imagine that he envisioned the negative socio-economic impact it would have on the millions of families who have since become totally dependent on ...

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VA Whistleblowers Face Illegal Retaliation Amid Scandal

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Wither, the Veteran’s Affairs Whistleblowers In contrast to how veterans were treated when they returned home from the increasingly unpopular Vietnam War, today’s veterans – though returning from an increasingly unpopular war in Afghanistan and, before it ended, Iraq – have been viewed by the American public with far more reverence and respect. Perhaps the nation learned a lesson from ...

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Income Redistribution Buys A Lot of Votes But Doesn’t Help The Poor

income redistribution, redistributive programs, welfare, social security, medicaid, medicare

Barack Obama and Democrats have an unspoken rule: “It’s my way or the highway.” This has become increasingly obvious in the years since Obama has been president and Democrats have been in control of the Senate.  The prime example was the passage of Obamacare, despite the fact that 80 percent of Americans said at the time they were satisfied with ...

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Number of disabled Americans rivals the population of Cuba

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NEW RECORD: 10,996,447 American on disability benefits The total number of disability beneficiaries in the United States rose by over 15,000 last month, setting a new record, according to to a recent report from the Social Security Administration. To put that in perspective, that’s more people on disability than the populations of Greece, Portugal, Tunisia, and is now closing in ...

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