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Government insider says Healthcare.gov was always a security risk


For more than a year, security companies have warned that the Healthcare.gov website was penetrable by hackers Obama administration officials repeatedly maintained that Americans’ health data was secure  New revelations from a government insider reveal that the security firms were right – the site is easily hacked CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner has all but admitted enrollee info isn’t safe By ...

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Taxpayers in Pennsylvania (and elsewhere) are about to get screwed again by Obamacare


Pennsylvania Gov. Corbett’s Obamacare waiver requests continue to be shot down or watered down by an adamant Obama administration The rules will force new costs to Pennsylvanians and residents of other states via Medicaid expansion under the law Conservatives there and elsewhere have never supported expanding Medicaid but for some reason, some GOP governors don’t seem to understand its cost ...

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The Obama war on work: More regulations, less productivity


The Obama economy has been hampered throughout his presidency, but it’s not because Americans don’t want to work – it’s because a record number of them cannot find decent employment, and for that, many of them can thank the Obama regulatory machine The Obama economy has never been stellar, but there are a number of reasons for that. When the ...

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Medicare and Social Security: Reforming the Ponzi scheme


Medicare and Social Security are on unsustainable fiscal paths With few in Congress serious about reform, taxes will have to be raised substantially on future generations Free-market solutions are viable and can be implemented now No reform means our kids, grandkids will suffer economically Committed liberals are just about the only people who don’t know how badly government entitlement programs are bleeding ...

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Unemployment: More benefits, less incentive


By Charles Greene It’s a cornerstone of conservative economic philosophy: by creating incentives for the workforce, the economy benefits as a whole. The theory further states that, when you eliminate disincentives, unemployment rates will drop. It appears that when put into practice, the theory holds true. At least that’s what a recent study by the Federal Reserve seems to indicate. ...

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The abject failure of the ‘Great Society’


By Charles Greene When Lyndon B. Johnson unveiled his vision for the Great Society five decades ago, it is doubtful that even he had any idea of the long-term costs it would engender. It’s also difficult to imagine that he envisioned the negative socio-economic impact it would have on the millions of families who have since become totally dependent on ...

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