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7.1 million reasons why Obamacare falls short

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Obamacare Medical Insurance The figures are in. As of the March 31 signup deadline (or whatever it is this week) for acquiring health insurance coverage as required by the Affordable Care Act, the president of the United States now says the magic number – the amount of paying customers required to make Obamacare financially viable – of 7 million enrollees ...

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Obama’s War On Seniors

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To hear Democrats tell it, the Republican Party couldn’t care less if every senior citizen in the country suddenly fell off the planet. That, in fact, would be preferable to the GOP, goes the Democratic Party narrative. The Republicans have been waging war on seniors (and women, and kids, and oak trees, and air, and water) for decades, liberals insist. ...

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Paul Ryan: Racist, RINO, or Right Man for 2016?


It seems like it’s those in Washington that make the most sense are the most susceptible to being attacked by the liberal media machine. Such is the case for Paul Ryan, whose recent media appearances have been scrutinized and twisted into vicious, poorly informed attacks on the congressman’s character. During an interview on Bill Bennett’s “Morning in America” radio show, ...

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At 4-Year Anniversary, Obamacare bill Proves to be a Costly Mistake


Sunday, March 23rd marked the fourth anniversary of the Obamacare bill being signed into law back in 2010. Since then the Affordable Care Act has faced problems in implementation, postponements, litigation, job killing, and of course the calamity associated with the incompetent website. But it seems the problems don’t stop short there. The American Action Forum released a report to mark Obamacare’s ...

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Obama: the GI Bill is Like Food Stamps

Barry O. just can’t seem to catch a break these days…he was bested by Bill O’Reilly during the Super Bowl interview, and now he’s getting blasted by the men and women who selflessly serve our country. During the interview Obama avoids answering anything directly but he doesn’t need to. It’s already clear that the welfare state has massively expanded, with ...

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Are You Better Off?


By Vox Day According to Gallup, 42 percent of Americans say that they are worse off financially now than the year before. This is rather remarkable, considering that according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, we are informed that the U.S. economy has recovered, the unemployment rate has continued to fall, inflation is low, and the stock market is hitting ...

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