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Can a lesbian mayor get away with persecuting 50,000 Christians over gay rights?


Militant lesbian mayor of Houston demands that pastors turn over sermons because she thinks they don’t have any right to oppose homosexuality on Christian grounds Admits that a new ordinance permitting men and women to use each other’s bathrooms in public is ‘all about me’ She and city attorney threw out lawful petition opposing new ordinance Her name is Annise Parker. She ...

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Obama knew ISIS was a growing threat but did nothing about it


President Obama, as is his nature, has blamed the U.S. intelligence community for ‘failing’ to recognize the growing threat posed by ISIS For years, however, the IC has been warning the president that the Islamic militant group was growing in strength and becoming a threat, in a power vacuum left by the departure of U.S. forces from Iraq in 2011 Obama ...

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Millennials are NOT abandoning Christianity

china christian church

Expert says in a new study and report that, contrary to popular belief (and pop culture), Millennials are not abandoning Church and Christianity The trend is just the opposite, and headlines to the contrary are ‘misleading, inaccurate, biased’ Over the past four decades, there have only been ‘small variations’ in church attendance By Charles Greene There is currently a popular myth – ...

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Oregon agency bankrupts Christian bakers who refused to bake wedding cake for lesbian couple


Aaron and Melissa Klein had served couple before, but because of their Christian beliefs in traditional marriage, they were uber-fined State law apparently protects schools and churches but not businesses, who have to serve people against their will It’s possible the state legislation is in violation of the Constitution’s First Amendment It wasn’t bad enough the the Oregon Bureau of ...

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Obama administration to let native Hawaiians ‘secede’


By Charles Greene President Obama likes to channel Abraham Lincoln, but what he’s about to do for Native Hawaiians is not something Lincoln would favor – not by a long shot. The president’s latest attempt to undermine the U.S. Constitution is by attempting to issue new regulations that would effectively force “Native” Hawaiians to secede. The move is not only unconstitutional and ...

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The political ignorance of actress Scarlett Johanssen is stunning


Scarlett Johansson’s designed a new t-shirt for Planned Parenthood lashing out at the U.S. Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling The shirt implies something that, frankly, is not even close to being accurate The high court’s ruling did not take away any women’s rights but SJ thinks otherwise You may not agree with them, but there are a few Hollywood stars ...

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NY farm owners make fateful decision regarding gay weddings on their property


Couple says its Christian beliefs cannot abide by a government-imposed decision forcing them to do something against their faith First Amendment issue does not seem to resonate with an ideological government Political correctness has forced the couple to make this decision By Charles Greene We recently reported on the case of the case of a New York state couple, Robert and ...

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