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Obama administration to let native Hawaiians ‘secede’


By Charles Greene President Obama likes to channel Abraham Lincoln, but what he’s about to do for Native Hawaiians is not something Lincoln would favor – not by a long shot. The president’s latest attempt to undermine the U.S. Constitution is by attempting to issue new regulations that would effectively force “Native” Hawaiians to secede. The move is not only unconstitutional and ...

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The political ignorance of actress Scarlett Johanssen is stunning


Scarlett Johansson’s designed a new t-shirt for Planned Parenthood lashing out at the U.S. Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling The shirt implies something that, frankly, is not even close to being accurate The high court’s ruling did not take away any women’s rights but SJ thinks otherwise You may not agree with them, but there are a few Hollywood stars ...

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NY farm owners make fateful decision regarding gay weddings on their property


Couple says its Christian beliefs cannot abide by a government-imposed decision forcing them to do something against their faith First Amendment issue does not seem to resonate with an ideological government Political correctness has forced the couple to make this decision By Charles Greene We recently reported on the case of the case of a New York state couple, Robert and ...

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Minnesota city was right to ban Islamic religious center


St. Anthony, Minn., denied a permit for an Islamic group to convert the basement in a building for religious purposes The building is located in an industrial zone but the U.S. Department of Justice thinks the city has slighted the Islamic group City officials defend their decision, saying no one could use the building or its basement for anything but economic ...

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ISIS Will Turn Your Grandkids into Muslim Terrorists: Recruitment Tactics and Requests That Prove Dangerously Effective to Young Americans


ISIS expands recruitment through the Western World, pleas prove to be successful as 10,000 people join the ranks Recruiting targets a young demographic ages 16-25 who share many similarities besides age group The dangers of ISIS converts coming back to their homeland When most of us think of the Middle East, our fears are tempered by the comforting thought that it ...

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Is the GOP no longer home to social conservatives?


Increasingly, evangelicals and Christians are feeling disaffected with the Republican Party, their traditional home Evangelicals can make or break a Republican in a national election, say political observers Early GOP frontrunners from Texas seem to have an early advantage with evangelicals Sen. Rand Paul also reaching out to them Gay marriage. Pot legalization (sort of). Decline in regular church attendance. Amnesty ...

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Navy says no to ‘freedom from religion’


Atheist group forced the Navy to temporarily remove Gideon Bibles from their Navy Lodge quarters Navy officials have reversed the decision for the time being, saying the brass were not consulted before the Bibles were ordered removed Group says that Bibles in Navy hotels is an unconstitutional endorsement of Christianity There is a saying within the military that those who ...

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