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Government insider says Healthcare.gov was always a security risk


For more than a year, security companies have warned that the Healthcare.gov website was penetrable by hackers Obama administration officials repeatedly maintained that Americans’ health data was secure  New revelations from a government insider reveal that the security firms were right – the site is easily hacked CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner has all but admitted enrollee info isn’t safe By ...

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Smile! The NSA is watching, but so what?

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The National Security Agency was in the news again this week and despite its best efforts to keep its operations as secretive as possible, yet another of our nation’s powerful spy tools has been compromised, thanks to The New York Times. Oh, and Edward Snowden. According to the paper, which cited “top secret documents” Snowden cobbed in 2011 when he ...

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Microchip implant will become necessary to live

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Phone technology will transition to microchip implant You might not like or believe it, but odds are something is tracking you. Your cell phone or other technological device you use on a daily basis has a RFID chip inside of it that documents your location. A transmitter can determine your location through a 15 digit code the chip releases. Those ...

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FBI video warns students of becoming Chinese spies

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China is using “pawns” to acquire spies The story of Glenn Duffie Shriver is quite perplexing. As he was studying abroad in China, Shriver responded to an ad. It offered to pay him $120 to write papers about the foreign relations between the U.S and China. That was the first step in a chain of events that ended up with ...

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WATCH: Snowden questions Putin on Russian intelligence surveillance

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The translation from English to Russian and back again was tedious, but as Vladimir Putin states he and Edward Snowden do share a common “professional language”– espionage. Snowden appeared via video conference on Putin’s annual Russian TV appearance where he takes questions from the public to ask about Russia’s own policies on mass surveillance. “I’d like to ask you a question about mass surveillance of ...

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24 Hour Fitness and the Normalization of a Police State


To compensate for the spare tire I accumulated over the course of the winter, I joined 24-Hour Fitness. At first glance there’s nothing wrong with the place, save for the hoards running on treadmills watching widescreen TVs and the carefully selected programs, but generally speaking, it’s just a gym. And quite a good one I might add: there’s a pool, ...

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The Secret Police of Generation Internet


As international conflict takes over the wires and the airwaves, Americans need to remember that we are still under the microscope of agencies like the NSA and GCHQ. The agency’s unconstitutional collection of citizen’s phone data and the reconfiguration of the domestic spying program is ongoing. The crisis in Ukraine and Crimea alleviates some of the pressure on the Obama ...

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