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If you like your health care, you can pay more for it


The Affordable Care Act isn’t so ‘affordable’ More part-time employees, higher premiums, say employers The additional costs are going to lead to less employment By Charles Greene The negative effects of Obamacare on the nation’s economy are continuing to increase. There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that not only are employers being forced to hire more part-time workers, ...

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Obamacare continues to be an ‘Obamination’ and will never be ‘fixed’


Obamacare Lie No. 3,272: Now physician payment data that was supposed to be released Sept. 30 will be ‘delayed’ indefinitely Systems recording payment information is getting the data wrong If doctors don’t get paid from the nation’s largest health care consumer – Uncle Sam – they won’t be in business for long When you hear the phrase, “broken promise,” it ...

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Taxpayers Will Be Required to Bail Out Health Insurers by Law: Obamacare Joins the Elite List of Politically Well-Connected Companies That YOUR Tax-Dollars Pay For


The latest Obamacare outrage: Taxpayers will be on the hook to bail out insurance companies, by law It is a deal that virtually any business owner would love to have, but which is only afforded to the most politically well-connected industries: Monetary protection against losses, compliments of the American taxpayer. Thanks to Obamacare, you can add the insurance industry to that elite list ...

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Is THIS plan better than Obamacare?


Obamacare has not delivered on the myriad of promises made by the president Cost for premiums and actual delivery of health care services continues to rise Taxpayers are on the hook for more costs with fewer benefits New plan from Manhattan Institute would not fully repeal or replace Obamacare The political realities surrounding Obamacare are finally beginning to sink in for conservatives: ...

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No, small businesses not off the Obamacare hook


The Affordable Care Act employer mandate applies to businesses with more than 50 employees, but small businesses will pay too All health care insurance premiums are rising because of Obamacare, and that will affect small business owners as well Law is likely to force large employers to dump employees into government exchanges, thereby increasing taxpayer costs You may have heard that ...

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Obamacare: Changes, delays and political maneuvering


Obamacare was touted as the end-all, be-all of ‘health care reform’ The law has been changed dozens of times, and many of its most important provisions delayed The U.S. Supreme Court has also struck down portions of the law Confusion, anxiety over what version will finally emerge By Charles Greene When ObamaCare was first passed, it was touted as a ...

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Medicare and Social Security: Reforming the Ponzi scheme


Medicare and Social Security are on unsustainable fiscal paths With few in Congress serious about reform, taxes will have to be raised substantially on future generations Free-market solutions are viable and can be implemented now No reform means our kids, grandkids will suffer economically Committed liberals are just about the only people who don’t know how badly government entitlement programs are bleeding ...

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