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Free market health care works: Here’s how


Progressive statists are loathe to admit it but when left to its own devices, free-market capitalism trumps, by far, any other economic system that has ever been devised in the history of Mankind, bar none. The fact that under such a system the United States grew to become, by far, the world’s largest economy should be proof enough of this, but progressive ...

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This is what healthcare reform should look like


Dr. Deborah Peel is probably the country’s foremost advocate for patient privacy, and in a recent TED talk, she discussed the concept as it relates to today’s modern, interconnected and wired society. In her talk, Peel discussed how often electronic medical records are breached, if not by hackers then by government agencies like the IRS and Department of Health and Human Services, ...

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So, survival of the republic has come down to birth control?


Liberals were positively apoplectic over the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in which justices ruled 5-4 that the owners of the Hobby Lobby retail chain could choose, under the religious freedom protection of the First Amendment, not to cover four abortifacients in employees’ health insurance plans, because abortion is at odds with their Christian faith. And liberals hate two things ...

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What’s really happening with the economy?


By Clay Windham If you’re a little confused by the latest reports and commentary regarding the U.S. economy, you shouldn’t feel too bad. It seems the experts and spinmeisters are just as befuddled, and no one is too sure who to blame – or congratulate (depending, of course, on which figures and whose interpretations we’re talking about). At first glance, ...

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Are Democrats making America ungovernable?


The latest Gallup numbers are in regarding Americans’ attitudes toward their governmental institutions and they are bad: Just 7 percent of us say we have any confidence at all in Congress, and less than one-third, 29 percent, have faith in the White House. These numbers are not simply abysmal; they are dangerous. If you can remember your high school civics ...

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Illegal aliens getting the care veterans have been denied


What does the current illegal immigration crisis along our Southwest border have in common with the recent VA scandal? Nothing – and everything. If you wanted to know what the Obama administration truly believes is important, where the president’s sentiments lie and with whom, you need not look any further than these two issues. You may recall that the centerpiece ...

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