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Obamacare is getting more expensive, not cheaper


For a law that was supposed to control health care costs and drive down premium rates, Obamacare has failed to deliver, if it ever was intended to  Democrats have a sense of humor – dark, sick humor, mind you – and nowhere is that more evident than in the misnamed piece of legislation known as the Affordable Care Act. Long ...

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What Obamacare looks like to the north


The Canadian single-payer system results in long wait times and less care, two trends that are becoming more common in the U.S. in the age of Obamacare Backers of the Affordable Care Act have regularly pointed to socialistic, single-payer systems in Britain and Canada, among other countries, as the “model” for what American healthcare ought to be. And while Obamacare ...

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Obamacare is hurting the middle class the most


The cost of the president’s signature legislation is hitting the very people the law was meant to help the hardest Opponents of Affordable Care Act are monitoring a U.S. Supreme Court case that could spell the end of one of the most reviled public policies ever adopted. In a few weeks Justices will hear arguments about whether the exact language ...

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Being trapped in Obamacare is a choice


The suffocating entanglement of the American medical system by Obamacare is nearly complete, but one physician is offering a way out for both doctors and patients So, Obamacare is here, it’s going to stay, and all Americans, at some point, will be trapped in its clutches. There’s nothing we can do about it – can’t repeal it, can’t defund it, ...

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Your state might have one of the worst vaccination rates


To vaccinate – or not vaccinate – is the question, but some states are better at achieving it than others, that is for certain In recent days, as a budding measles outbreak in California widens, the public policy debate de jour has been over the issue of whether parents ought to be required to vaccinate their children. Well, we’re not going ...

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New drugs cost so much because the FDA is so inefficient


Like much of the federal bureaucracy, the Food and Drug Administration is an exercise in inefficiency, raising the cost of health care and literally killing needy patients There isn’t much the massive (and growing) federal bureaucracy does cheaply or efficiently, and that, of course, includes the Food and Drug Administration, the agency in charge of approving new drugs and medical procedures. ...

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Expanding Medicaid actually hurts Medicaid patients


Experts are increasingly vocal about advising states NOT to enter into Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion because doing so will NOT add revenue, it will cut revenue – and employment Fiscal conservatives have long argued against the expansion of any federal government entitlement program because the nation is broke and sporting a massive $18 trillion national debt that explodes to a mind-blowing $93 ...

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