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Want to save American health care? Get Uncle Sam out of the picture


The single biggest purchaser of health care in America is the federal government, with 90 million Americans already in a ‘single-payer system’ At the same time, federal regulations – Obamacare among them – are the biggest reason why health care remains so expensive in America Cheaper, quality health care can only happen when Uncle Sam is removed from the equation Long before ...

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Obamacare is taking jobs away from college students


College students struggle economically as it is, but thanks to employment requirements imposed by the Affordable Care Act, dozens of colleges and universities are cutting student work hours – and salaries – in order to comply with the law To hear President Barack Obama tell it, there is nothing he wouldn’t do to ease the financial burdens on college students. In recent months, ...

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Another American doctor sickened by Ebola as the outbreak continues to spread – and kill


Another American doctor has been sickened by the Ebola virus while treating victims in Liberia Fears the disease will continue to spread across continents continues Concerns rise that the virus could eventually make it to the U.S. The Ebola outbreak in West Africa continues to spread, killing hundreds of people and sickening scores of others, including the health care workers ...

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If you like your health care, you can pay more for it


The Affordable Care Act isn’t so ‘affordable’ More part-time employees, higher premiums, say employers The additional costs are going to lead to less employment By Charles Greene The negative effects of Obamacare on the nation’s economy are continuing to increase. There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that not only are employers being forced to hire more part-time workers, ...

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Obamacare continues to be an ‘Obamination’ and will never be ‘fixed’


Obamacare Lie No. 3,272: Now physician payment data that was supposed to be released Sept. 30 will be ‘delayed’ indefinitely Systems recording payment information is getting the data wrong If doctors don’t get paid from the nation’s largest health care consumer – Uncle Sam – they won’t be in business for long When you hear the phrase, “broken promise,” it ...

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