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This LIBERAL constitutional attorney says Obama’s amnesty action a major threat

Obama_La Raza

Some liberal scholars who admittedly support Obama’s left-wing agenda do not support the manner in which he is enacting it, and one of those is Jonathan Turley ‘It’s becoming a particularly dangerous moment if the president is going to go forward’ Most left-wing moderators, news talking heads and Democrats are perfectly fine with President Obama’s “liberal” interpretation of his Executive Branch authority ...

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Bummer: New study says second-hand marijuana smoke just as bad as tobacco


We wonder why, with all of the uproar over the ill-effects of second-hand tobacco smoke ,there are no similar concerns being voiced about second-hand pot smoke, especially after the findings of a recent study found similar health-related issues “Smoke is smoke,” Matthew Springer, author of the study and an associate professor of medicine at University of California San Francisco says ‘Both tobacco and marijuana smoke impair ...

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Are Republicans about to side with Harry Reid and President Obama?


Republicans rode a wave to victory in the midterms, padding their House majority and capturing the Senate for the first time since 2006, largely on voter anger at President Obama’s lawlessness and uber-socialist agenda GOP Establishment, however, looks set to give the president what he wants on amnesty and his signature health care law Conservatives are urging the GOP leadership ...

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The percentage of Americans who think government should provide healthcare has fallen big time


Not only has support for Obamacare declined steeply since the rollout of the new law, the number of Americans who feel that it’s the government’s job to provide health care has dropped dramatically Findings in a new study foreshadowed the results of the Midterm elections, where voters expressed a desire to get rid of the law The report indicates that currently ...

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Already, Obamacare’s cost control mechanisms are failing


Turns out that another promise of the Affordable Care Act – lower health care costs – is not coming true, either Oh, the Affordable Care Act. So many promises, so many lies. And now, word comes that all of those “cost-saving measures” supposedly built into the massive law are not coming true either. Seems like the only thing Obamacare has accomplished is ...

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