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Veterans should have choice in healthcare options


When the federal government finally controls all health care and there are no more “private” options, every hospital will operate like those belonging to the Veterans Administration By John Wood In the aftermath of the VA scandal of 2014, wherein it was discovered that veterans dependent on healthcare through the Veterans Administration were suffering from intolerably long waits for care, even ...

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Vaccinating children should be a parent’s choice


The recent measles outbreak has caused consternation among Americans who believe vaccinating children should be mandatory, but parents and some doctors are pushing back saying that vaccines have never safe 100 percent of the time The debate over whether to mandate vaccinations for children and adults has reached a new level in the ever-tolerant, pro-choice enclave of California, as evidenced ...

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No, Obamacare is not lowering your insurance premiums


Health insurance premiums and deductibles continue to rise, thanks to Obamacare, and there is no indication that dynamic will change anytime soon – thanks to Democrats and an activist president who refuses to acknowledge the damage the law has done to working class Americans By Derek Sun The numbers of people enrolled in Obamacare continue to climb, with the higher numbers covered by ...

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Congress and Obama can balance the budget if they want to

2016 budget

Congress and President Obama can balance the federal budget – here are seven ways to do it By Derek Sun The Obama administration may not be seriously concerned about reducing national debt and getting government spending under control, judging by the amounts it has devoted to government bailouts, Obamacare, and increasing numbers of Americans on food stamps. However, the Heritage Foundation ...

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Obamacare has done nothing to stop health care inflation


Obamacare continues to injure and maim the American health care system and without legislative or judicial relief, it’s only going to get worse By Derek Sun Democrats and other supporters of President Barack Obama are claiming that Obamacare has helped bring about a plethora of positive changes for Americans. Some of the prominent words of praise being heaped on the ...

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British model a free-market fix for embattled U.S. health care


Great Britain’s health care system has often been cited by the Left as a model for the United States, but policymakers there are figuring out that top-down, government-centric systems cannot top free-market competition By John Wood When conservatives and proponents of a free market based healthcare system refer to the Britain’s National Health Service, it is not usually to derive ...

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