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Vulnerable Democrats Show True Colors on Keystone


Harry Reid and the rest of the party have jumped on the hypocrite bandwagon with both feet Democrats have now declared that they will push forward the legislation they have been arguing against for several years and allow the Keystone pipeline to be built Obama won’t sign it but pushing for the legislation now makes for good campaigning in Democrat races still ...

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‘Green’ wind power raising electricity rates in states that use it most


Green energy lobbyists have consistently lied to Americans regarding the benefits of wind power New study founds electricity prices in Texas have gone down, but despite the wind power industry, not because of it Facts contradict the claims that wind power has contributed to lower energy costs in Texa By Charles Greene Green energy lobbyists have consistently lied to Americans ...

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In new China emissions deal, Obama gets little but gives away the store – and millions of U.S. jobs (again)


Americans are loathe to believe that a president could have dishonorable intentions towards his own country, but the facts are what they are: Obama does consider American interests first and foremost, as this week’s ‘emissions reduction’ agreement with China demonstrates (once again) Americans are loathe to believe that a president could have dishonorable intentions towards his own country. But when that president ...

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Here’s why America can’t build nuclear plants and meet its green energy goals


The Obama administration has been one of the most hostile to American energy companies Nuclear power, like fossil fuels, have gotten short shrift with this administration Administration pulled the Yucca Mountain storage site application from the Department of Energy despite that being against the law Storage of nuclear materials at Yucca Mountain both economical and safe, NRC concludes on its own By ...

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North Dakota shows Obama what job creation REALLY looks like


Without question, North Dakota’s energy boom is driving the state’s amazing employment statistics Other states with similar fossil fuel exploration and production have low unemployment rates too President Obama’s socialistic, bureaucratic approach to economics has led to the slowest ‘recovery’ in U.S. history By Charles Greene While the rest of the nation is still struggling to create enough new jobs, North ...

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How about an end-run around Obama, the Greenies and Keystone XL?


President Obama has said he would make a timely decision on the Keystone XL pipeline but he has consistently put it off, angering oil interests in Canada As an aside, there is a new effort underway to build a pipeline across Canada instead Obama and the U.S. government would not be able to stop that project, though American consumers would definitely ...

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