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Frack you, Saudi Arabia

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US is now a bigger producer of oil than Saudi Arabia Environmental extremists don’t like it…they’ll still complain about the cheap price of gas when they fill up their tanks go to their anti-fossil fuel rallies. Nevertheless, thanks to hydraulic fracturing technology – or fracking, as it is more commonly known – the United States is finally well on the ...

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You Can’t Keep Your Light Bulbs


By Marita Noon Americans will be feeling a new and unexpected pain of government overregulation before they vote in November. Yet, more than two-thirds of the public is currently unaware of what has the potential to be a serious 2014 election issue—representing more government intrusion and meddling with free markets, increased cost, loss of American jobs, and the elimination of choice. ...

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Obama’s War on Coal – And Your Wallet

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It is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between President Obama’s policies — largely inflicted through the unelected bureaucracy with little if any input from Congress — and sheer malice. For example, the War on Coal, which he is waging through the ideologically deranged EPA, is killing jobs and raising the cost of not only energy but everything else you buy ...

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Coal is no longer our parents energy…it is 21st Century power


The backbone of our modern civilization is based on relatively cheap and abundant energy. Coal has been the inexpensive and reliable engine of our economy for generations and up until the 70’s, billowing smokestacks were the sign of economic prosperity for the United States and other developed countries. But we learned that cheap energy from burning coal and other fossil ...

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Economic Prosperity and a Presidential “War” on Carbon Energy


I have been writing on the need for America to take advantage of the vast energy resources it has below the surface in order to become completely energy independent.  Not only will this make our economy leap forward, it will vastly improve our national security by not having us dependent on foreign sources. I invited Dick Storm to give us ...

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Fracking for the Future: The Search for Clean Natural Gas


The United States is standing on a goldmine … almost literally. Natural gas is, by far, the cleanest and among the cheapest fossil fuels in the world and available in great quantity. In fact, at the current consumption rate, natural gas resources in the U.S. could theoretically supply domestic electricity for the next 52 years. That being said, the country’s ...

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