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Federal land grabs make us more dependent on foreign oil


President Obama uses existing federal law to soak up more state property so he can “protect” it from oil and gas exploration, further hampering the local and national economies and depriving millions of a better life By Derek Sun With all of the national and state parks that contain millions of acres of land, one would think that there is ...

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Obama has tanked the U.S. economy


President Obama says the economy is doing better and jobs are coming back but the numbers, as usual, don’t jibe with his claims If Barack Obama was president of a major corporation instead of the leader of the free world, he would have been fired years ago and banished from the business community forever. But he’s not; he is the most ...

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Obama wants his EPA to finish off the oil and gas industry


The Obama administration’s Environmental Protection Agency is imposing new rules on an already embattled energy sector, and they just might spell the beginning of the end of affordable fuels By Derek Sun In an attempt to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and make a dent in rising global temperatures, the Environmental Protection Agency recently announced that it would regulate methane amounts released ...

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It’s Time to Start Drilling in the Arctic


An advisory panel to the Department of Energy says the time to begin drilling in the Arctic off Alaska, where there are vast fields of untapped oil and gas deposits, is now, while there is time to develop the fields before the shale boom goes bust To hear any agency under one of the most anti-fossil fuel presidents in history ...

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U.S. energy boom could be leverage against a declining China


With booming energy production in the U.S., easing export laws and boosting energy assistance in Asia could help the U.S. counter Chinese influence and bring stability to the region As the U.S. energy production boom continues, analysts are finding that it could help America in ways not immediately understood. For instance, our energy boom is good for consumers and can ...

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EPA ozone regs in Texas will kill a booming economy


Texas has been a job creation machine, but the Obama administration’s weapon of mass job destruction – the EPA – has its sights set on the Lone Star state In the lackluster Obama economy, there have been a few bright spots, in spite this administration’s efforts to quash employment and boost government dependency. Initially crippled by the Great Recession and ...

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