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Green groups to blame for higher electric bills


“Green” groups use the courts to force the imposition of rules and regulations on Americans Many of these regulations are unnecessary and costly Many times, Green groups also get their legal fees paid for by taxpayer-supported regulatory agencies America is ‘a nation with more lawyers than doctors’ By Charles Greene We have reported at length regarding the enormous cost of regulation ...

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EPA to announce Obama’s new CO2 emissions regulation, lawmakers, lobbyists and media prepare for next battle in the “war on coal”

EPA, co2 emissions, carbon emissions, epa regulations, war on coal, midterm elections, climate change, carbon polution

Obama makes good on a promise…the promise to force electricity rates through the roof Back in 2008, President Obama announced that electricity rates would “necessarily” skyrocket due to policies that would place major regulations on power plants. Today, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will outline its draft carbon dioxide emissions rule for existing electricity-generating plants. According to the New York ...

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Thank Obama for your higher electric bill

epa, coal industry, obama's energy policy, american coal council, environmental protection agency

New regulations about to be issued by President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency are going to put such an onus on energy production in America that your electric bill will have nowhere to go but up. As reported by multiple sources over the past several months, and again this week, the EPA is set to impose carbon dioxide limits for new ...

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Politicizing American energy policy

Keystone XL pipeline, energy security, dependence on foreign oil. us oil production, fracking,

Candidate Barack Obama said in 2008 that the United States could not simply “drill its way” into energy independence: As president, and thanks to a boom in US oil production via fracking and other emerging technology, Obama later took credit for declining US dependence on foreign oil (around the 2:25 mark): Politics? You bet it is – and that’s the ...

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Frack you, Saudi Arabia

fracking, us energy reserves, saudi arabia,

US is now a bigger producer of oil than Saudi Arabia Environmental extremists don’t like it…they’ll still complain about the cheap price of gas when they fill up their tanks go to their anti-fossil fuel rallies. Nevertheless, thanks to hydraulic fracturing technology – or fracking, as it is more commonly known – the United States is finally well on the ...

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You Can’t Keep Your Light Bulbs


By Marita Noon Americans will be feeling a new and unexpected pain of government overregulation before they vote in November. Yet, more than two-thirds of the public is currently unaware of what has the potential to be a serious 2014 election issue—representing more government intrusion and meddling with free markets, increased cost, loss of American jobs, and the elimination of choice. ...

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Obama’s War on Coal – And Your Wallet

coal plant

It is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between President Obama’s policies — largely inflicted through the unelected bureaucracy with little if any input from Congress — and sheer malice. For example, the War on Coal, which he is waging through the ideologically deranged EPA, is killing jobs and raising the cost of not only energy but everything else you buy ...

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