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North Dakota shows Obama what job creation REALLY looks like


Without question, North Dakota’s energy boom is driving the state’s amazing employment statistics Other states with similar fossil fuel exploration and production have low unemployment rates too President Obama’s socialistic, bureaucratic approach to economics has led to the slowest ‘recovery’ in U.S. history By Charles Greene While the rest of the nation is still struggling to create enough new jobs, North ...

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How about an end-run around Obama, the Greenies and Keystone XL?


President Obama has said he would make a timely decision on the Keystone XL pipeline but he has consistently put it off, angering oil interests in Canada As an aside, there is a new effort underway to build a pipeline across Canada instead Obama and the U.S. government would not be able to stop that project, though American consumers would definitely ...

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The Obama administration is out to destroy small businesses – again


President Obama’s administration has issued more regulations that have been fiscally harmful to small businesses than any other before him Small businesses are the drivers of employment, and any new rules that cost them more money will translate into fewer employment opportunities Regulations, especially Obamacare, are a major reason why employment and opportunity remain suppressed By Charles Greene The current administration ...

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You won’t believe how much money ISIS makes a day selling oil


The insurgent group ISIS takes in about $100 million a month on oil sales The group controls enough oil production in captured real estate to crank out 80,000 barrels per day That’s more than enough to fund a ‘government,’ including military operations By Charles Greene If you have a mental picture of the Muslim jihadist group known as the Islamic State ...

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Green groups to blame for higher electric bills


“Green” groups use the courts to force the imposition of rules and regulations on Americans Many of these regulations are unnecessary and costly Many times, Green groups also get their legal fees paid for by taxpayer-supported regulatory agencies America is ‘a nation with more lawyers than doctors’ By Charles Greene We have reported at length regarding the enormous cost of regulation ...

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EPA to announce Obama’s new CO2 emissions regulation, lawmakers, lobbyists and media prepare for next battle in the “war on coal”

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Obama makes good on a promise…the promise to force electricity rates through the roof Back in 2008, President Obama announced that electricity rates would “necessarily” skyrocket due to policies that would place major regulations on power plants. Today, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will outline its draft carbon dioxide emissions rule for existing electricity-generating plants. According to the New York ...

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