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WATCH: Snowden questions Putin on Russian intelligence surveillance

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The translation from English to Russian and back again was tedious, but as Vladimir Putin states he and Edward Snowden do share a common “professional language”– espionage. Snowden appeared via video conference on Putin’s annual Russian TV appearance where he takes questions from the public to ask about Russia’s own policies on mass surveillance. “I’d like to ask you a question about mass surveillance of ...

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Paul Ryan’s New Budget Could Cut $5 Trillion


Paul Ryan is on a mission: he has acknowledged the deficit spending that has set America back and has set a plan to fix the problem. As House Budget Committee Chairman, Ryan has prepared a GOP budget that will shave an estimate $5 trillion, (yes, trillion with a “T”) off of annual expenditures and could even completely balance the budget ...

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Breaking: What we know about the Fort Hood gunman

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FORT HOOD, Texas (AP) - Officials at Fort Hood have released few details about the gunman who killed three people before taking his own life in a shooting Wednesday at the sprawling Army base. Here’s what we know about the gunman: His name is Ivan Lopez. He is married, has other family members and lives in the Fort Hood area, having ...

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Breaking: Fort Hood Rampage Kills Three

fort hood shooting, gunman, army base, breaking news

(Reuters) – Investigators delved into the background Thursday of a U.S. soldier who had been treated for mental illness before he killed three people and himself a day earlier at an Army base in Fort Hood, Texas, where another deadly rampage took place in 2009, military officials said. There was no motive given for the incident, although officials ruled out ...

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SCOTUS votes to uphold First Amendment, strikes down campaign donor limits


First Amendment of the Constitution Upheld The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that campaign contributors should not be limited by how many candidates they can contribute to during an election, though justices left in place the limits on contributions to individual candidates. In the biggest campaign finance ruling since 2010, a divided SCOTUS voted against limits in federal law on overall ...

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Afghanistan gives “Soviet” Russia Its Blessing

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Don’t look now, but that Southwest Asian powerhouse, Afghanistan, has given its official blessing to Russia’s absorption of the Crimea. In a statement issued over the weekend, Afghan President Hamid Karzai cited “the free will of the Crimean people” in offering his country’s support for the Crimean annexation into Moscow’s sphere of influence. “We respect the decision the people of ...

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