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Malaysian Airlines passenger jet shot down over Ukraine

Maylasia airline

A Malaysian Airlines passenger jet with 295 people aboard has been shot down over Ukraine, various reports said Thursday. Various media are reporting that the passenger airliner was flying over eastern Ukraine, a region embroiled in civil conflict as pro-Russia forces battle Ukrainian government forces for control and autonomy. The plane was traveling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur and was ...

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What anarchy looks like

sickness_US border

Longtime observers of the deterioration in American politics and economics have often predicted that the end result would be the same as it is in all nations: a breakdown of the civil society, resulting in anarchy among the masses. Little did they know that the first signs of anarchy would come not from the populace at large, but from within the federal power structure. Thanks ...

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Free market health care works: Here’s how


Progressive statists are loathe to admit it but when left to its own devices, free-market capitalism trumps, by far, any other economic system that has ever been devised in the history of Mankind, bar none. The fact that under such a system the United States grew to become, by far, the world’s largest economy should be proof enough of this, but progressive ...

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Former Taliban POW Bergdahl returning to active duty


Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the soldier that was captured by the Taliban in 2009 under mysterious circumstances, is set to return to active duty at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas, according to multiple reports. Bergdahl, you may recall, has been accused by a number of his former platoon members of willfully abandoning his post at a Forward Operating ...

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IRS: Scandal Central under Obama


With each passing week it has become more apparent that the Internal Revenue Service is being managed by bureaucrats who have a distinct anti-conservative, anti-constitutional mindset, and that does not bode well for the Republic. On Wednesday The Wall Street Journal reported that lawmakers investigating the IRS’ lopsided targeting of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status prior to the 2012 elections released ...

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Obama’s ‘no borders’ approach to fundamental transformation


There is chaos along our southwestern border, and we have one question no one in the institutional media is asking: Where in the world is the president of the United States? President Obama is scheduled to take a swing through Texas, one of the hardest-hit states, where tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children and young adults are streaming across, but it ...

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Yes, taxpayers, Defense Department budgeting is this bad


According to a recent Gallup survey, three-quarters of Americans have a positive, confident opinion of the U.S. military. That’s as it should be; our military does more to protect us every day than most people are even aware of. But the Pentagon sure isn’t a very positive influence on American taxpayers, and while that’s nothing new, that’s the problem: Wasteful spending is very ...

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