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Vatican Comes out Against Obamacare Bill


The Vatican has a problem with the Obamacare Bill. With the beginning of Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby and Barack Obama’s impending visit to the Holy City this week, the topic of the President’s pro-abortion policies are hot on everyone’s minds. One such person speaking out against Obama’s policies and attack on religion is Vatican chief justice Cardinal Raymond Burke who ...

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Religious Freedom goes to Court


Today two cases will be presented in front of the Supreme Court that could have lasting impacts on the future of religious freedom in America. Privately owned businesses Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp. are suing the United States based on their objections on being forced to provide immoral contraception methods through their insurance plans. Provisions in Obamacare mandate ...

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Sandra Fluke May Run for Henry Waxman’s Seat

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It would seem that Congressional Progressive Caucus member Henry Waxman has exactly one redeeming quality — that at least with his likes in power, government could not possibly get worse. Discover the Networks notes lowlights of his resume: Has represented California’s 30th District in the House of Representatives since 1975 Favors government-controlled universal health insurance for all Americans Facilitated the ...

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Happy to be Born, Leftists call for more Abortion


By Dave Blount It was a short leap from declaring the killing of inconvenient children to be a “right” to coercively subsidizing it through ObamaCare. The leap to imposing it on a mandatory basis isn’t much longer. Homosexual activist Dan Savage makes the jump with ease. On the Australian show Q&A, Adventures in Democracy, he appeared on a panel that ...

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Democrats: Party of (No) Choice


By Nick Sabal Democrats love to portray themselves as tolerant, accepting, reasonable people who are all about letting folks make their own choices. That is, until you choose something that runs afoul of their extremist ideology. That’s when you see Democrats for who they really are: unreasonable, intolerant, immovable authoritarians who tell you it’s their way or the highway. Consider ...

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The Abortion Battlefront


Texas is still maintaining national exposure thanks to the abortion bill that charged through the state government. Governor Rick Perry signed the bill into law Thursday of last week, seen as a loss in the eyes of pro-choice women all over the country. Many pundits, celebrities and familiar faces voiced their opinions, with the majority choosing to use Twitter as ...

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Can We Please Just Get Over the Whole Birth Control Thing?


On Tuesday, the FDA approved the over the counter sale of Plan B One-Step, a popular emergency contraceptive, for sale to minors as young as 15, lowering the minimum age required to purchase the pill without a prescription from 17. On Wednesday, the public opinion of the decision was mixed- some people saw it as a win for women’s rights, ...

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