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Gay Australian widower wants green card

gay marriage

Obama’s liberal policies on gay marriage have an Australian man asking for a green card even though his “husband” is dead. According to the Associated Press, 72-year-old Anthony Sullivan was “married” for over thirty years to American Richard Adams. Sullivan is requesting that immigration officials reopen a petition filed in 1975 by Adams so that he may be awarded residency as a ...

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University president wants a less white school

less white school

  Western Washington University President Bruce Shephard thinks it will be a “failure” if his faculty and students can’t create a less white school. Shephard presented his race-driven idealism in his 2013 convocation address. In it Shephard says at Western Washington “students are more likely to come from the upper middle class families where parents have gone to college” and for that, they ...

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WATCH: Reporter blasts Bloomberg gun control

cupp gun control

S.E. Cupp is a regular contributor to The Blaze as well as CNN. She is also a Second Amendment supporter and a quick thinker. This past Sunday during her appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” Cupp was involved in a spirited debate over Michael Bloomberg’s attempts to control gun owners and bully the NRA. “He is the best–and by that I ...

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Top ten funniest political videos of 2014

political campaign ad, political videos, entertainment

Strange Political Videos for Campaigns In order gain the necessary support to win an election, politicians often go to videos as a way to increase familiarity amongst the constituents. Sometimes these videos go well and catapult the candidate to victory and other times, well, just ask Howard Dean. With the addition of file sharing through social media, seeing these political ...

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The spirit of Reagan, the Sagebrush Rebellion & Bundy ranch

sagebrush rebellion

  What could make Ronald Reagan declare himself a “rebel?”   Ranchers in the West began fighting land grabbing federal bureaucracies long before Cliven Bundy became famous for standing his ground against the federal government. The Sagebrush Rebellion, for those too young to remember, was a grassroots movement of independent ranchers, miners, and other land-working men in the late 1970s ...

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Maryland Democrat says military service isn’t a “real job”

brown real job

Maryland Democrat Attorney General Doug Gansler doesn’t think that opponent– another Maryland Democrat–Lt. Governor Anthony G. Brown’s time spent in the military counts as a “real job.” The two men are currently gunning for the Democrat ticket in the state’s gubernatorial race. The Lt. Governor is a Colonel in the US Army’s 4th Combat Aviation Brigade and is a veteran of ...

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Top ten left-leaning, pro gun celebrities

pro gun jolie

Michael Bloomberg may be using his anti-gun platform to further his public image (and to flaunt his wealth) but other members of the glitterati have shown they aren’t so convinced his nanny-state ways are best for America’s future. More and more liberal public figures are supporting Americans’ rights to bear arms, some of them more surprising than others. Here are our top ...

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