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Bug Out Vehicle?

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Should you have a bug out vehicle? Many experts say yes, you should… but what exactly is a bug out vehicle?

A bug out vehicle is clearly the mode of transportation that you should consider using in case of emergency.  It isn’t necessarily a Ford F150 or a massive tank-like vehicle.  In fact, it doesn’t even need to be gas powered…

In most crisis situations, you don’t want to go out guns blazing.  In fact, we have been told many times by survivalists that it’s best to sneak out under the radar.

In this case, you would want an older looking car or a vehicle that draws no attention to you.  A massive shiny truck isn’t necessarily that vehicle.

When you consider your bug out vehicle, you should think about the terrain that it may potentially need to cross.  If you are going to be driving or escaping through the woods, you don’t want to use a tiny car.  Perhaps that is a time when you want to have a larger truck.

If you are going to be taking major roads in order to exit, you would want to take a smaller, unsuspecting car. Think about it; if there are check points that you have to travel through on the way out of town, you are going to be searched just a little bit more thoroughly if you look like you’ve got something good…

You should also consider types of boats that you may use if you live on the water.

What do you think would work best for a bug out vehicle?




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