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Bob Costas Wants Your Guns

by Tim Young, Managing Editor

If you didn’t get a chance to watch Sunday Night Football, you would’ve missed one of the most ridiculous political rants ever by a sports broadcaster.

‘Guns kill people, people don’t kill people,’ is how you could bullet point what was said.  Costas went on a two minute rant about how if the Kansas City Chiefs player hadn’t had a gun, he and his girlfriend would have still been alive…

Last time I checked, when a 6’2″, 228 lb linebacker wants to kill you, there are many ways that you can end up dead whether or not he has a gun.  But here we are again, listening to a rant about how guns kill people… not how people filled with issues and hate kill people, because as you know, guns have a mind of their own.  Guns can think, guns can talk and guns on their own can take lives right?

We also don’t think about the alternative argument that Costas made… that Belcher, nor the other commoners, are smart enough to not kill people… because if they had guns in their hands, everyone would be dead.

That rant on Sunday night was planned folks… People like Bob Costas want to take your guns, and who knows how much more time you may have to legally own yours.

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