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VA Whistleblowers Face Illegal Retaliation Amid Scandal

department of veteran affairs, va scandal, secretary eric shinseki, whistleblowers,

Wither, the Veteran’s Affairs Whistleblowers In contrast to how veterans were treated when they returned home from the increasingly unpopular Vietnam War, today’s veterans – though returning from an increasingly unpopular war in Afghanistan and, before it ended, Iraq – have been viewed by the American public with far more reverence and respect. Perhaps the nation learned a lesson from ...

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Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t after you: What’s your favorite conspiracy?

illuminati, conspiracy theories,

JFK? FEMA camps? 9/11? Chemtrails? If you’re like 50% of Americans, you probably believe in at least one conspiracy theory. That figure is according to a recent study by Eric Oliver and Thomas Wood at the University of Chicago, who based their research on four nation wide surveys conducted within the past ten years. Although we Americans are not alone ...

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Tea Party Candidates Face Off With Establishment Republicans, But Can They Find A Strategy That Works?

Tea Party, primary elections, midterms, eric cantor, dave brat

By Joe Cunningham Eric Cantor’s chaotic loss in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District eclipsed Lindsey Graham’s definitive victory over six Tea Party challengers in Tuesday night’s Republican primary. Graham took nearly 60 percent of the vote while each Tea Party candidate failed to garner more than 15 percent. The buzz was all about Dave Brat. Appearing on Fox News’ Hannity Tuesday ...

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Coal Country Democrats Distance Themselves From EPA, Obama

EPA regulations, coal industry, carbon emissions, obama, executive order

By Joe Cunningham The sixth year in any presidential administration is a tough one for the party in power. Many issues brought to the forefront by Republicans now, for example, are eating away at support for the Democrats, and as a result several embattled Democrats are trying to find ways to keep their seats. What is not helping, however, is ...

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Socialist in Seattle: Why Minimum Wage Utopia Will Never Be

Seattle, minimum wage, economy, poverty, Washington

It does no good to tell a progressive, “See, I told you so,” because progressives are ideologues who are unencumbered by realism. Furthermore, they don’t learn lessons. Consider what is currently happening in Seattle, a bastion of progressive liberal ideologues, whose mayor and city council members – included among them an avowed socialist, Kshama Sawant – have just passed an ...

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Income Redistribution Buys A Lot of Votes But Doesn’t Help The Poor

income redistribution, redistributive programs, welfare, social security, medicaid, medicare

Barack Obama and Democrats have an unspoken rule: “It’s my way or the highway.” This has become increasingly obvious in the years since Obama has been president and Democrats have been in control of the Senate.  The prime example was the passage of Obamacare, despite the fact that 80 percent of Americans said at the time they were satisfied with ...

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