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The spirit of Reagan, the Sagebrush Rebellion & Bundy ranch

sagebrush rebellion

  What could make Ronald Reagan declare himself a “rebel?”   Ranchers in the West began fighting land grabbing federal bureaucracies long before Cliven Bundy became famous for standing his ground against the federal government. The Sagebrush Rebellion, for those too young to remember, was a grassroots movement of independent ranchers, miners, and other land-working men in the late 1970s ...

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Maryland Democrat says military service isn’t a “real job”

brown real job

Maryland Democrat Attorney General Doug Gansler doesn’t think that opponent– another Maryland Democrat–Lt. Governor Anthony G. Brown’s time spent in the military counts as a “real job.” The two men are currently gunning for the Democrat ticket in the state’s gubernatorial race. The Lt. Governor is a Colonel in the US Army’s 4th Combat Aviation Brigade and is a veteran of ...

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Gimmickry: The $100 million Detroit bailout

detroit in ruins

Don’t look now, federal taxpayer. You’re about to be on the hook for decades worth of greed and bad economic decisions, compliments of Detroit’s long-standing Democratic leadership. The Detroit Free Press reported last week that the Obama administration was in talks with Michigan officials to “free up” $100 million in federal dollars to help fund the Motor City’s bloated, over-promised ...

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Time to tame the neocons

ukraine tanks

I’m not sure what qualifies the Washington Post’s “conservative” columnist, Jennifer Rubin, to offer foreign policy advice in regards to what the West and, in particular, the United States, ought to do to “help” Ukraine, but if she and her neocon heroes get their way, it’s likely they will be responsible for starting the next great-power war. That’s not hyperbole; ...

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Rescuing the poor: The GOP’s Obamacare alternatives


When Barack Obama was crisscrossing the country in 2008 and 2009 “selling” Obamacare to the masses, one of his oft-repeated claims was that as a result of his signature legislation, health insurance rates would decrease by $2,500 a year: That claim, along with several others Obama has made regarding the Affordable Care Act, has, of course, proven false. Did the ...

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No Prison Left Behind: a low blow to higher education

prisoners_higher education

There is some good news and some bad news regarding state taxes.   The good news – for state tax collectors, anyway – is that the Great Recession, which led to massive job losses fed by depression within housing and financial sectors, is long past. State tax revenue rose 6 percent last year, according to Bloomberg News, which was the ...

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