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Angry About Obamacare? Blame the Dummies Who Believed

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By Kelly Irons

Most of the time I try not to get too emotional when discussing politics and policy. Though clearly my passion, I like to look at things rationally, analytically. I’m a political realist.

This Obamacare disaster is, quite frankly, pissing me off. But more so are the people who continue, to this day, to defend both the law as “good” for our country and the evil, lying hypocritical scumbags who foisted it upon us.

For years we realists have tried to inform the public as best we could that no how, no way can any administration take over one-sixth of the nation’s economy and “run it.” Government isn’t built for that – American or otherwise. And yes, that includes the British. And the Canadians.

We tried pointing out studies which showed, repeatedly, that the Affordable Care Act would not, and could not, lower healthcare costs and health insurance premiums.

We tried telling folks that more government intrusion into the healthcare system would only make it more inefficient, costly and, ultimately, harmful to patients.

But to tens of millions of Americans, none of these logical, cogent arguments mattered. We realists may as well have been talking to a rock.

Well, guess what’s happened?

Nothing that Obama said about his healthcare law has come true.

He said if we like our plans, we can keep ’em.

Lie. Millions have or will lose their coverage.

He said our premiums would fall by an average of $2,500 a year.

Lie. They’re going up.

He said with passage of Obamacare, healthcare costs will go down.

Lie. They are rising, as they have been, due in large part to the massive, idiotic regulations the industry must comply with.

And now comes the coup de grace.

NBC News reports today that Obama and his minions knew, years ago, that most Americans with private health insurance plans would not get to keep them. But they repeatedly lied, before and after the law was passed, and said no one would lose their plan.

Which begs the question: As obvious as this and other flaws in the law were, what else did Obama know from the get-go, but lied about through his teeth?

Well, this is where the anger is really building. None of this matters to far too many Americans.

They don’t give a damn that Obama repeatedly lied to their faces, that he played them for chumps, that he is trying to destroy what is arguably the best healthcare system on the planet (and it would be the best if we could ever manage to get the federal government out of the healthcare business altogether).

They don’t care. Because come hell or high water, he’s their man. Never mind that he doesn’t give two craps about them or their families.

All he cares about is running as much of their lives as possible, like some Nazi central planner.

You probably know some of these people. They are the ones who could see a video of Obama walking into a convenience store, gunning down the clerk and stealing the money out of the cash register, then believe him when he says, “Hey, I did it for the children.”

They will be the ones who will watch lives being destroyed by Obamacare, but find some way to give the sick, twisted ideologue who signed the Affordable Care Act a pass.

They will swear up and down that the law’s effects – higher premiums, higher costs, lower quality, longer waits, fewer providers, less coverage – are part of some Tea Party conspiracy, even though not a single conservative voted for it.

They will never get it that Obama and his ilk won’t suffer the same healthcare/health insurance-related problems the rest of us will suffer. Obama and his wife and his kids – as well as Joe Biden and his family, and all the members of congress and their families – will have all of the healthcare they will ever want or need, and at a moment’s notice – compliments of the American taxpayer.

It’s no consolation that Obama’s autobots will be just as harmed by Obamacare as those of us who have always opposed it. They won’t get that anyway.

So for now, we are not only stuck with this horrible law, we have to endure these idiots as they drone on about how none of the law’s ill-effects are the Messiah’s fault, that anyone who criticizes him is just a racist/bigot/homophobe/teabagger/conservative, and that if only Obama could have more authority things would work out, etc., etc., etc.

It will never occur to these irrational lunatics that Obama doesn’t have the brain power, let alone the right, to manage a damned thing when it comes to their personal healthcare. They’ll continue to think, “He’s Obama – of course he’s a healthcare expert!

They are too drunk on the Obama kool aid to comprehend the fact that it should never be up to any president or Congress to be able to “decide” what goods and/or services you are “allowed” to have or not to have.

And when they, like the rest of us, are mad as hell for having to spend six hours in an emergency room to see a doctor, or six weeks waiting for an appointment to see their provider, or paying triple for health insurance, or having to increase their deductible several thousand dollars – it won’t be because of anything Obama and his sycophantic Democrats did.


It will be Bush’s fault.

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  • Stoney says:

    Dummies, for sure. Idiots as well. And they elected him TWICE.

    So now ALL of us are hosed.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is probably one of the best articles i have ever read. Sums up pretty well how i feel about him and his supporters. They never hold him accountable for anything. Not the NSA, not the government shutting down, not for Benghazi, not for him wanting to strike Syria, not for all his lies... And just like this article said, when everything comes crashing down, he will still not be the one to hold the blame. They will say Bush left it such a mess or that Republicans didn't let him do enough. Obama seems to be like the mom who gave their shithead kid all the toys and candy he wanted and then cries every night and wonders why he grew up such a piece of shit and hates her..


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