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An Open Letter to Gun Lovers

Dear Gun Lovers:

I know that every time a Democrat gets elected president, you feel the necessity to go to gun shops and gun shows and snatch up as many guns as you possibly can, but please, cut it out.

I know that the Newtown Massacre and other recent shooting incidents have left a nasty taste in the general public’s mouth; the media is focusing on gun control and what’s going to become of laws on assault rifles and high capacity magazines, and I understand why that worried you.

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Just yesterday, I was splitting the wood from a recently chopped down tree in my front yard and I got a call from my friend.  He was at the Nation’s Gun Show at the Dulles Expo Center trying to sell his assault rifle.  He had maybe put about $1700 worth of parts into his weapon and he was getting offers upwards of $3000 for it.

This was not an isolated incident.

The gun show, which was attracting local and national news all weekend due to protestors, lines wrapping around the building, and surging sales, was packed with all walks of life looking to buy and sell their weapons- which I’m totally fine with.  One lady on the news, when she asked a vendor how much he was selling his assault rifles for (he had ripped the price tags off of them) looked shocked and appalled when he coyly replied “Five thousand dollars.”

Here’s a disclaimer, everybody- I love guns.  I’ve been shooting since I was eight years old in Michigan and I loved growing up on military bases around the world because of how enamored I am with gun culture- I’m a friend of the cause.

But here’s my point- We need to police our own.  Nobody is looking at recreational gun lovers in a positive light right now because a lot of us are acting like insane people.  Admit that a mistake has been made with such tragedies as Newtown, but be quick to remind those who judge that guns save lives too.

You know what?  Just wait and see what happens.  Obama didn’t take your guns away in 2009 and he probably won’t in 2013.


Karl Dobias


  1. As long as We the People allow ourselves to be governed by those that No longer work for our Citizens, And allow these ” Self Governing Traitors “, to our Country, A free Ticket to Continue, Unimpeded by You the Citizen, This Country will Fall!
    Have any one of you even noticed; The ONLY time Our So-Called Citizen Elected Government, Wants anything to do with Us Citizens, Is Only when an ELECTION is to take place or The Bills need Paying??? All other times, We the People become the ” INVISIBLE MASSES “, They Never See Us or Hear our Words, WHY????, There too Busy to bother with us, the little, unimportant people!

    As for the GUN Control Issue,I had Many & I’ve Lost Them to Floods, The response from the Police when I Tried to File a Report, We need the Serial Numbers, For the reports, However,The paperwork was Lost to the Flood waters as well, & I was told, No numbers, No Reports!!
    The bad thing is, I’m on record of Purchasing those Guns & Will be Held Libel If & when, They come for my Guns.
    People, Believe me when I say, A Gun is ONLY as good as the Person pulling the Trigger !
    For that matter, Set aside the Panic Buying & look beyond that Problem to see the real culprit behind these issues.
    Back in My History, I had the honor of being a CUB Scout in Michigan, we learned many things, Like Self Respect, The Value of Honesty, Loyalty,Bravery & Faith, Among others. We also had Den Leaders that Taught us, Hunting, with a Sling, A B-B-Gun & The safety that goes with each.
    Later I entered into the Boy Scouts of America, Where everything we had learned in the Cub-Scouts was repeated & even more Skills were added, Including Advanced Hunting & Trapping skills, Intensive Gun Safety & Care Courses (For Advance Eagle Scouts) and the Safe Shooting of 22Cal. 410Ga. Shot-Guns, 20Ga. & 12ga. as well. NEVER once did any of the scouts hurt anyone else. We Also learned the Value of FAITH in GOD. RESPECT for our PARENTS, PASTORS, TEACHERS & Government.
    But then came the 60′s, Like a thunderclap from HELL.
    Nearly everything learned in the 50′s & before was tossed out the window & Trashed!
    All things (Over Time) became New, & as a Citizen, You were to changed with it willingly or Forced by NEW REGULATIONS to do so.On of those changes that took place was the War (So-Called Police Action) in Viet-Nam, then the Forceful Removal of ALL JEWISH/CHRISTIAN FAITH & GOD, from our Schools, (Now controlled by the u.S.Government)However as a Replacement for GOD, The Schools were Furnished with books of other Religions, Including the SATANIC BIBLE, Books on WITCHCRAFT, SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM, HUMANISM & YOGA!, To name a few.
    In those few short years, Following these Government Influenced Changes, We Sent Men to the Moon, Buried Thousands of U.S.Military Personal, from the WAR in NAM, Designed a DRUG Culture from Government research in MIND CONTROLLING EXPERIMENTS, for the Military – This DRUG was later identified as L.S.D.!
    Then came the Hippie movement, T^he Burning of the Draft-Cards, The Liberated Females, Planed Parenthood, Then the Licensed Murder of UNBORN BABIES, some call ABORTION!,Then the ever so slow changing of Past Histories. Riots involving RACE, The Increase of Crime, Family’s Splitting up,The Dumbing down of our Students by the Introduction of Electronics on a Massive Scale, In School, College & The Workplace!
    Why Think, Let the Machine do your thinking for you?
    Then we Quickly jumped on the Train & went rolling out of sight, fast was no longer acceptable, We needed to go Faster & faster, Faster Cars, Trains, Planes,Bikes, Jets, With no end in sight.
    more Money for Less Work! Became the new Battle cry. If you don’t build it CHEEP, We’ll send the work over seas & Still charge the Consumer the Highest Price our GREEDY little hands can grab.
    A Government out of CONTROL! The INMATES running the ASYLUM, that was Once the Head of our FREE NATION!
    Don’t worry about Gun Control, We have more than enough on our plates that has become far worse, & at my last check, STONES Haven’t been Outlawed, ,,,,,Yet!

  2. Kendall, That is a good Bet, or Sucker bet at most. After-all, One of this Nations Greatest Mistakes happened, Due to Some, That Relied on, The Fool’s Bet, of,”Probably won’t Happen”, Namely the Removal of The CHRISTIAN/JEWISH GOD, HIS Holy Words, The Teaching of MORALITY, HONESTY & FAIR-PLAY !
    From that point in American History too Today, Many of our Nation’s Problems started & Those in Charge have been trying their Damnedest to Cover these Facts Up!
    Just Watch, Mention ANYTHING dealing with FAITH or GOD, & The ATHEIST come crawling out of the Woodwork like Bed Bugs, Poised to KILL anyone that Dares speak their Mind. These Bugs use, FILTH, LIES, HATE & INTIMIDATION To Shut up the FAITHFUL. & when that doesn’t work, They really get Nasty, ALL for Something they claim DOESN’T EXIST????
    Many of our Forefathers didn’t have guns, unless they lived outside of a settlement. Guns, Were Expensive even back then. Most got their First Gun from a War time fallen Enemy, of Comrade in arms.many more used Hatchets & Spears until a gun came along.
    But did you Know, Long before the first gun was invented, our ancestors were merrily killing each-other with Swords, Spears, Axes & Knives, as well as Arrows & Bows??
    And that is just of the more common weapons.
    forget about all of that High-tech gear being distributed to our armed forces & police, That is Kid’s stuff, Compared to the Human Mind!
    To be sure, These new weapons can do a lot of damage in a very short time. But sooner or later, a fight comes down to one thing only, The Human Brain. And if you read recent stories, they are getting closer to brain Control every day..

  3. Truth is indisputable

    I really wish many of my friends and acquaintances would read statements made on this site as they will never have the opportunity to take this in. The mainstream news and talk shows have had their impact quite negatively installed in their brains. We need to take the time to try and speak out to the people that need to be educated (friends, co-workers, family members, our teachers, maybe then they can teach, and anyone willing to listen or debate. We need to have the strength in numbers that the absent minded left wing has. Truth is scary to them but we must do our best to show and teach them for otherwise we are facing, along with our children a dismal future that will end in the downfall of this nation. I’ve turned a few around, lost friends. But it is worth it.

  4. Maybe Obama won’t take you gun away, but it could possibly be someone else. My 75 yr old neighbor was jumped by a gang of kids who came into his yard, started playing football and destroying shrubbery. He was jumped when he asked them to leave. They were teenagers. He managed to get into his house, grab his 38 and ask his wife to call the police. The police took him and the kids to jail. Here’s the good part: the judge asked the old man to drop assault charges against one-juvenile delingquent in exchange for charges against him. Then the judge kept the old man’s gun. Question: why don’t we discipline the teenager who led the assault; he already has a record. And what about the others?And why can’t the old man have his gun back? Guess we the elderly neighbors will have to help arm and defend this judicially abused senior. Now comes the big task: reeducating the neighbors, the cops and the judge! Payback for the judge may be hell if he’s elected!

  5. Why do I get this strange feeling I smell Tyranny in the air?

  6. The author is right about one thing: Obama nor anybody else will take my guns in 2013 (He will try tho’)! Atleast not that I’ll be around to witness!!Nor many of the thugs that they would send to take them!!!
    Molon Labe, sissy boys! They’re waintin’ for you!!

  7. Since they are going to try to confiscate our guns because they kill people does that mean they will confiscate our cars because more people are killed in car wrecks. We all should be so lucky as to live in Chicago or in the state of illinois where there is much gun control.

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