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An Emergency Candle That Noah Would Be Proud Of

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by ‘Above Average’ Joe, Managing Editor of Survival Life

We have roughly 12 hours of natural light from the sun and the rest of the time we simply flip a switch and out pours a flood of artificial light. But what happens when the switch doesn’t work anymore?

Since the advent of electric lights, candles have become more of a decorative item than a tool. But anyone that has ever been caught in a blackout knows the real value of a candle.

You can purchase many “survival candles” that last 12-120 hours, but did you know that you can create a candle that will last for up to 45 days using something that you probably already have in your kitchen?

All you need is:

a 48oz tub of Crisco or smaller. The large tub will get you the 45 life span and anything smaller will burn significantly less
a spoon
an old candlestick or something else that can be used as a wick

There are a few options when it comes to creating a Noah candle.  One of the first things you need to decide is if you want a candle that will burn brighter or one that will last longer.

For a longer lasting candle you will use only one wick and for a brighter candle you will use anywhere from 2-4 wicks depending on the size of the container.

Regardless of how many wicks you decide to use or the size of the Crisco tub that you choose, the directions are the same.

Take your spoon and remove a small portion of the Crisco directly in the center (for a single wick candle) if you are using an old candlestick. Then simply press the candlestick down into the shortening until it touches the bottom.  Use the shortening that was removed previously to fill in any divots.

Smooth the top of the Crisco down until it is completely flat, then trim the excess candle and wick until you only have about 1/4” of wick sticking out above the top of the shortening.

Light and enjoy.

If you are using a standalone wick, you may need to dig down to the bottom of the can in order to get the base of the wick to lie flat against the bottom of the tub.  Then simply melt the shortening and use it to fill in the hole that was left.

As a caution: the container of the Crisco is made of a paper material and as such may catch on fire if you place the wick too close to the outer edge of the tub.

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  • S Rubicon says:

    Outstanding. I suppose its finally time I acknowledge I should subscribe & learn to survive.

  • Quester55 says:

    Don't you just love our Grand-Parents, who lived in the days of the great depression?, My Mom would save all of the Pork grease from our Breakfast cooking every day, It added up to a 5 gal. pail per year. But before it turned rancid, she'd cook it down (Melted) and Strain the pure fat oil into Clean Gallon Cans, or Juice cans that we saved & washed. Cans don't Burn, I got my first, " Craft Badge " in Cub-Scouts, for attaching Oak Handles to the Cans, Metal does get plenty hot.
    As for Wicks, Go to " Hobey Lobby " for Oil Lantern Wicks, 1/2" to 1" inch wide, Also pick up some S/Steal Wire for weaving into those wide wicks.
    Another thing you may want to do is to stop by your local butcher's shop 7 see if they will give you some of the Trimmed fat or Sell you some. The fat can be rendered down & cleaned into pure Fat & when cooled, it's tallow, Great for making your own HAND DIPPED CANDLES or even Bird Feeders during the winter, As well as soap.
    For those wide wicks, Take that s/s wire, Weave it into the wick, from end to end, until you have 2 or 3 strands in the 1/2" wide wick & about 6 in the 1" wide wick. Now Bend one end around a Flat 1"-2" Steal washer & place that washer in the bottom of the can. Using a small magnet on the bottom Outside of the can, Line it up with the washer & your wick will be held in place in the center of the can. Now Tie off the top of the wick with a piece of thread or string, Tape each end of the cord to the sides of the can(AFTER CENTERING the Wick) & you'll be ready to Pour your pure Lard(TALLOW)Back into the can.
    WARNING!, HOT Lard BURNS Like Molten Fire & can cause Sever Burns & the Burns could cause a Heart attack! This pouring should not be attempted by Children. Wear Protective Clothing & Goggles & Heavy Gloves when Pouring the Melted Tallow, Pour Slowly, Trying to avoid direct contact with the Wick(Wick could be moved off center) Let Candle set in Cold, Dry area until it is Set ( About 7 Hours in the Gallon size & Less for the Quart sized can.
    NOTE, You can use this same idea on transferring CRISCO from it's Paper Container into a Good STEAL Can of same size.
    There are some Great Ideas to be had from : BACKWOODSHOME.COM or if you check with book stores that may sell the old FOXFIRE Country Living & Farming Guides, They tell you just how they Lived in the Early 1800 & loved it.
    On a side not, MAYBE an E.M.T. Blast, World-wide would allow us to rebuild a Better world Without repeating the same mistakes again?

    • Anonymous says:

      thx thats awesome - wish id grown up in a place where people knew stuff like that...but im studying them now 😉

  • JJM says:

    I suggest that it might be best to build your Crisco or Tallow candle in a used glass candle jar. Better to let the light shine out the glass sides.

  • George says:

    If you are going to build your candle using store bought candles as the wick source, do as follows: For get the spooning or forcing the candle down into the Crisco. Get a piece of Electrical Metallic Tubing(EMT) it comes in 1/2" inside dia and 3/4" inside dia. I is thin walled. Insert it straight down into Crisco at desired location(s). Remove it straight up. You will have perfect round hole in which to place your wicking candle and you will have a pipe full of Crisco. Heat the EMT with cig lighter etc. while holding it over the area around the wicking candle. The trapped Crisco will run out and fill any undesired voids around the wicking candle. No mess

  • good ideas all. Try making a small ceramic bowl and loading that with crisco and a wick. Also if no crisco, use liquid shortening with it. Just pour some shortening into the ceramic bowl put in a weighted dokwn wick in it and light it. Perfect for when on the move.

  • Quester55 says:

    Does anyone remember, " Pier One Exports",, They sold some Cheap Brass Oil Lamps, Like the ones in Aladdin's Lamp. Add a 1/4 inch wick & they work, Some even come with reflectors to brighten your way as you walk.
    The great thing is, They burn everything Even Motor Oil.
    In fact, If your up for taking the risk, You can Get hold of some Wrecked Magnesium Bike frames & pull a Mic-giver on them. File down the parts into Dust,Fill a 1 inch pipe on one end with dirt & the other with the metal dust, Catch the dust on fire & you'll have a Blinding light for 30 Min. or so. at about 2-Million Candle Power.
    Another Neat trick; if your Lucky enough to life in areas where there are CAVES, & you have done your homework. Get some Flowers of Sulfur & a little bit of sugar & make a smug pot. The Instructions are simple.
    1. Obtain one Tin Can, 12 oz. or larger, Mix up 1 1/2 cups of Sulfur with 1/2 Cup of Sugar. Mix well, Using a 3 inch waxed wick, placed into the center of the can, Place can 20 Plus feet inside of cave, make the cave mouth to be closed off as best as you can, Light the Wick & leave the cave, Most of the Animal life will have left the cave within 3 hours, Allow the air back into the cave & lit it air out over night. WELCOME HOME!

  • Quester55 says:

    A Few words of CAUTION: Baby Food Jars, Pickle Jars, Even some of those So called Candle Glass containers, are not all they are Cracked up to be.( PUN INTENDED ) You've seen those Christmas candles that are nearly used up in those Glass Containers, DO NOT REUSE THEM, They have a Nasty habit of Exploding in one's face, if they get to hot! Instead of Risking the Hot Glass going in your or someone else eyes, Try Finding some of those PYREX Glass Pots your Wife or Girlfriend, Or? In the Kitchen, Or simply Buy your own. These make Great Candle Holders & even work on open Flames outside when cooking.
    But it's your health, do as you please.

  • Quester55 says:

    If you have a HOBBY LOBBY store near you, Purchase a 5-10 pound block of paraffin wax & 5 pounds Bee's wax, a few packs of Cheese Cloth & some Fine S/Steal Wire (Optional)
    Get home, Find two 2FT. long Poles or clean 1/2 inch Sticks, If you have a Electric Roaster, so much the better. Assuming you do have one of those large Electric Roasters, Place inside about 1 pound of the Paraffin Wax & about 1/2 pound of the bee's wax & set the temp to 200 degrees or on the low heat setting, While the was is melting, Have your Helper Secure or Staple one end of the Cheese Cloth on one Poll & Slowly Roll the cloth onto the pole. Note, Most of these packages of Cheese Cloth come with 20 feet or more. Once your done rolling the Cloth to the first pole, Secure the other end to the other pole,
    Next, using a wood Spoon, blend the waxes together, being careful not to splash any of the mixture on your skin. Once blended, Stretch the Full Roll over the Wax & unroll some of the cloth until ti touches the bottom of the pan.
    Now, Taking the unwrapped roll, Place the Rolling pin in the middle of the Wax on top of the cloth, and your helper can now walk Backwards, Pulling the Cloth threw the hot Wax and away from the pan. Do this very Slowly & the Air will Harden the Now Wax Soaked Cloth until your helper has reached the end of the roll. Now, If all has been done Correctly, You should have a 12 inch Wide X 20+ Foot long Strip of Waxed Covered Cheese Cloth. And a Big Mess to clean up!
    note, Unless you need the Roaster any time soon, Let the was harden inside it or even melt the remainder of the wax 7 let it all cool, That way you'll know where your wax is & it'll not be taking up any extra room.
    now comes the fun part. being Careful & Keeping the Wax Cloth Clean, Smooth out & Trim the outer edges of the Cloth, Keeping those loose pieces for other uses like Kindling.
    Cut your Roll into lengths that suit your needs, Hint a 1 square foot of Cloth, will make a Nice Slim Candle. A 6 inch x 2 foot strip will make a Good Fat candle & don't forget to add Wicks ( Like I Just Did) These Bi-Wax candles tend to burn longer in Colder Weather & give off a great deal of both Heat & Light.
    Enjoy, Quester

  • JJM says:

    I would have thought that the cheesecloth would burn also like a wick and consume the candle faster with a hot flame. Regardless, the suggestion of mixed wax sounds promising.

  • Quester55 says:

    TO: JJM, Truthfully, I reread my suggestion & noticed that I left out some things, Like using a Pop Can with a Slit or Hole in the bottom & the can it's self cut in half as a Floating Stop for the wick, But your Correct, The cheese Cloth will Burn Quicker if The Flame & wick is not trimmed. But then again, I made mine for placing inside of cans for Instant candles. I guess I left that out. Also, If you cut a 6 inch square off the sheet, you can use it as a Tender Protector from a Wet Ground & when it catches, You'll have a Blazing fire in no time.
    & I forgot to add, If you Shave a Magnesium Match into a big pile ( About 1 Tablespoon ) And mix in some Bee's Wax & Cotton . You can make little rolled up (Pea Sized ) Balls of Fire Starters, Just for the Pure fun of it.
    I've used a 3" wide X 3 Foot long Piece as an Inner torch Wrapping, For a great Canvas Wrapped Pole Torch. The Outer Canvas wicks the hot was & rarely blows out in strong winds.As for Heating an area if your Outside & in Makeshift Shelters, A Roll of T/P, Soaked in The Wax Mix & Placed in a Steel Can, Can become a Stove when lit for Heating or Cooking. I would use Fresh empty Paint Cans ( Available from a local Paint supply store or Home Depot), The great thing about these cans are, They come in different sizes & have steel lids, Great for keeping the wax clean & for putting out the flame when it's not needed.
    the other choices I've used for the Cloth is, Burlap, Cotton Canvas, Sack Cloth, Cotton-Felt. Each Type has it's own burn rate & can be used in many ways.
    In fact, I once had a Army First-Aid Canvas Pouch that held many great things inside, Made useless when it got wet, So I Dipped it into pure Melted Bee's wax & allowed ti to dry. Problem solved & I discovered a extra surprise, My Pouch made a Great Water Cup as well!
    Something else you should know, If you keep a lookout for Wild Honey Bees & follow them to their nest, You could end up with a great source of honey (FOOD) WAX for Heating & Light, And as Game Animals are attracted to the smell of Raw Honey, a Good source of MEAT, If you don't get eaten first.
    Cold Feet? Try Waxing your Socks.
    Heel Blisters, Use Bee's wax as a covering of the blister & tape it in place, It will help bumper the wound for a time.
    Bee's wax is Great as Ear & Nose plugs when Swimming. Or just plan Ear Plugs when the night sounds have you on edge.
    Tent seams leaking ? A good rubbing of Bee's wax will stop that leak quick.
    Want some Waterproof Kindling, grab an old PINE-CONE Soak it in Melted Wax, & let dry, Each Piece of the pine-cone Can be used to start a Fire.
    Bee's wax has been used for years on the Bottom of Skies.
    even a little ball of the wax can keep your mouth wet as you chew it, Just don't Swallow.
    An Indian friend of mine, told me how to use Bee's wax, to help water & leak proof a Home made Canoe.
    Got a Leak in your aluminum Fishing John Boat, Bee's wax can put a temp. plug in it.
    As you can tell, BEE'S WAX has almost Unlimited uses, Isn't Nature Wonderful.
    The real Shame is, Millions are Starving, While wandering around open Fields, Surrounded by FOOD! They Just Don't Know it!
    Our Creator Gives us More Food Sources than we'll ever use & Man Comes along & Kills those Life Sustaining Plants & Weeds Everyday. What a Waste & Slap in the Face of GOD!
    I Hope I've answered your Question or Concerns " JJM "
    Till next time, QUESTER55


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