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America’s Morals: Where Have They Gone?

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America’s Morals:  Where Have They Gone?I’m a fairly young guy to write an article with this title…but even in my short life, I have witnessed the degradation of American morality and what appears to be a loss of our sense of self in this country.  And I think more now than ever, we need to take a stand to get at least some of it back.

Full disclosure, I’m not the most religious person, or the most moral of character…but I do know the difference between right and wrong….and I do see that this country is headed in the wrong direction.

The most obvious example of this is the Penn State Scandal.

As more and more evidence of the atrocities that occurred comes out, the higher the amount of people that we realize actually helped cover up the situation or just didn’t say anything at all.

There were of course the coaches and the school administrators who actually covered up the abuse…but there’s now a list of janitors and support staff who actually witnessed things going on and said nothing to protect their $10 or less an hour job.

I just can’t fathom the idea of allowing someone to be abused in exchange for saving my job…at any level of monetary value.  If something is wrong, if someone is being violated or abused, it’s in my moral fiber to step in and act…. I think it’s a gut reaction that is in everyone to do the same.  I’m willing to bet that it is actually harder to not act than to be proactive in an instance where you see something terrible happening.

That’s what shocks me the most.  How far have we fallen as a country that we allow things like that to happen in order to protect ourselves or something even dumber like a football program?

We, as a nation, came together despite our differences only a few hundred years ago to help each other out and give each other a hand.  What has happened to us?

Politics is No Different

The morals of the political game are no different than what we have witnessed in Penn State.  There is extortion, bribery, and pretty much everything you see in the movies happening in real life.  Except it’s not as sexy when it goes down.

I know this because I was there.  I worked with some great people, but I was the guy they would send to research the competition to see what they were doing that was wrong.

I uncovered everything from simple lies to embezzlement…and not even on ‘big-time’ national levels.

It just seems to me that people in this country have forgotten what we’re supposed to be all about.

Now, this is the part where a lot of you will say that it’s Christianity that we need to get back to.  And I agree to a point.

You have to realize that Christianity is a choice.  If someone doesn’t practice it, making a law that tells them that they we need to pray in schools or that we should display the Ten Commandments in courthouses ISN’T GOING TO CHANGE THEM.

I have no problems with either, but I do have some issues with forcing people to do something they don’t want to do.  That’s not what America is about.

America IS however about the concept of caring for one’s neighbor…and the biblical principle of treating each other how we want to be treated.

I think that we need to bring America back to a place where we can stand together as a unit and stop the evils that occur in this country.

The current political climate of this country is nowhere near that.

You know we’re not getting that from the Democrats…and as soon as you elect Republicans, they are going to be just as nasty back, just on the other side.  See how that balances out?  That’s how government is supposed to be….but politics….politics could be a bit nicer.

I know it sounds ideal to have everyone being kinder to one another and it will never happen in an election, but I think we could dial back on the money being spent and the lies being told because of it.

This Presidential election will be the most expensive in history.  Almost $1.5 BILLION DOLLARS will be spent on campaigns in the 2012 election, the majority of which will be dropped on negative ads.

The President has really gotten the ball rolling with his attack, framing Mitt Romney as a rich guy who doesn’t understand common people.  This is no more than school yard name calling.  Things like that make me realize that America isn’t where it needs to be.

Obama could find arguements against Romney with….REAL things.  I can name a pile off of the top of my head, including that he was a hypocrite with nationalized health care, but Obama doesn’t seem to notice this.  Instead, he’s resorting to calling Romney rich for no other reason than the fact that America is listening.

That’s right, we have lost so much character as a people that calling someone a name can be successful in a national campaign environment.  Isn’t that sad?

I know that you all will make a decision as to who to vote for for President based on facts…because you’re smart.  If you weren’t intelligent, you wouldn’t be reading this… but I want you to really think about what I just said and how it applies to our morals as a nation.

Who’s to Blame?

We have allowed ourselves to digress as a whole so much, that petty back and forth fighting can determine an election.  In fact, the looks of a candidate can also determine an election.

There are countless studies that show that the height and presentation of a candidate will determine the amount of votes he or she gets…not what they actually say and believe in.

A lot of people would say that that plays to the level of education in America, and it does, but the fact that we allowed ourselves to fall to that point is directly related to our moral compass.

It says to me that we as a people at some point let something happen.  We stood by and watched as something criminal was going on…the dumbing down of America…and what did we do when this was happening?  We went back to our normal jobs, ignored it, and went on with our lives.  Maybe we turned something mind-numbing on television to take our minds off of the negative direction of this country.

You see, we sat idly by and watched as our country began to fall apart because we didn’t use the morals we were taught, the very morals that America was created upon, to stop it.

And as harsh as it sounds, just like that Penn State case…if you watched it and did nothing about it, you’re just as guilty as the people who caused it.

Be smarter than they think you are.

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