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Time left until Obama leaves office

America: Not So Excited About Inauguration

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by Karl Dobias

In 2009, everybody was excited about the inauguration- Washington DC was a hotbed of celebrity sightings, free concerts, and brunch specials that left the city gridlocked for days.

In 2013, a lot of the Obama love has died down, and a second inauguration seems more tedious to the nation’s capital than you would think.

I walked around U Street yesterday, a hotbed of activity in Washington DC known for good food, good clubs, and good people.  As I made my usual stops at such DC landmarks as Ben’s Chili Bowl, I was quick to notice that people didn’t seem to be as happy as they were just four years before.  There was a certain dullness to what is usually a hopping neighborhood.

Frankly, the country isn’t too happy with Obama right now.  Deciding to enact an executive order on gun control less than a week before his inauguration may not have been the best idea on his part, but it was his decision and it’s something he believes in.

Many of his critics say that finding a way to step on the Second Amendment isn’t a great way to start a presidency, but we’ll see what he can deliver.  Conservatives aren’t too thrilled with him right now, and that’s understandable.  Nobody likes feeling like their rights are being trespassed upon, but you need to cut Obama some slack.

He doesn’t want to take away any of YOUR rights, he wants to do what is best for the country.  Maybe in twenty years when mental health is handled better in this country, we’ll be able to remove some of the regulations that everybody fears, but you need to give it time.




  • TC says:

    mental health? so long as we keep shoving gmos, additives, etc and oh, dont forget Psychotrophic et al Pharma drugs into our bodies, we aren’t going to do to well along the mental -unhealth situation.

  • JJM says:

    Mention of Russia and Potatoes reminded me:
    Though I’ve never set foot in Russia, 23 years ago I did spend a month on board an ancient 70 meter Russian boat for the clean up of a seismic survey in the North Sea. 3 meals per day on a 24 hour per day operation included 2 to 4 oz of meat, potatoes, salad, bread and vegetable. And in discussion with 1st mate (which always included a couple shots of vodka) we were eating quite well as their client. Kitchen was locked up like a vault other than mealtime. No coffee, but luckily the ‘swamper’ would sneak some tea bags to our crew of 3 English and myself. And curiously Toilet Paper was supplied as individual squares.
    Today I look at the experience as a preview of what the ‘good life’ might hold for us if the Change we were promised does come to be.

  • JAMES WIRTH says:

    Karl, I am very concerned that this Web Presence even allows you to post your Leftist Bent Attitudes. If they continue to support you, give you space to print your crap on their Web Presence, then I may just have to quit this bunch.

    Your statement to let Owebummer tighten up the controls on the Second Amendment, and wait for the Government to erase some of their controls at a later date…. You not only are drinking the Owebummer Kool-Aid, but I envision you being one of the prime mixers of the poison.

    My suggestion to you is do not give Owebummer a single INCH…, he will take a MILE, or if that is your position then go back to the Liberal, Democrat Corner with your other Commies and Marxists…. YOU ARE NOT FOOLING ME WITH YOUR :

    “Please Can’t We Just Get Along Stance”….. “”””BULL PUCKY””””

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