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America: Not So Excited About Inauguration

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by Karl Dobias

In 2009, everybody was excited about the inauguration- Washington DC was a hotbed of celebrity sightings, free concerts, and brunch specials that left the city gridlocked for days.

In 2013, a lot of the Obama love has died down, and a second inauguration seems more tedious to the nation’s capital than you would think.

I walked around U Street yesterday, a hotbed of activity in Washington DC known for good food, good clubs, and good people.  As I made my usual stops at such DC landmarks as Ben’s Chili Bowl, I was quick to notice that people didn’t seem to be as happy as they were just four years before.  There was a certain dullness to what is usually a hopping neighborhood.

Frankly, the country isn’t too happy with Obama right now.  Deciding to enact an executive order on gun control less than a week before his inauguration may not have been the best idea on his part, but it was his decision and it’s something he believes in.

Many of his critics say that finding a way to step on the Second Amendment isn’t a great way to start a presidency, but we’ll see what he can deliver.  Conservatives aren’t too thrilled with him right now, and that’s understandable.  Nobody likes feeling like their rights are being trespassed upon, but you need to cut Obama some slack.

He doesn’t want to take away any of YOUR rights, he wants to do what is best for the country.  Maybe in twenty years when mental health is handled better in this country, we’ll be able to remove some of the regulations that everybody fears, but you need to give it time.

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  • John Himbert says:

    Of course he believes in CONTROL - Oops I mean GUN control, this is just the start of his agenda. As far as cutting him some slack, he
    has done nothing but lied since he took office. Where is his promise
    of a transparent government when everything is done behind closed doors and/or executive order? With much more slack there will be little or nothing to save. If you really believe that he wants to do
    what is best for the country and he does not want to take away any of
    our rights or as you say MAYBE in 20 years when mental health is handled better in the US "THEN" maybe some of our rights and freedoms
    that are right now being taken from us will be restored? In 20 years,
    much earlier of course when one world order is a fact there will be no
    so called rights and/or freedom as we have known in years past. Fear is
    what he wants to instill in us so that he and his ilk can continue on
    their path to the total collapse and destruction of the America I once knew. He is nothing more than a Muslim himself illegally occupying space in our white house. Hw will take our guns ignoring the 2nd.amendment but be assured he, his family and the rest of his gang
    wiull have theirs. If no one has a gun why does he need them? My question to you Karl is, do you REALLY believe what you are writing
    about this destroyer of all that is good? God help us if there are
    others who feel as you do.

  • PL Donaldson says:

    You give him time. I gave him 4 years and I carefully listened and watched. Have you not noticed, this man LIES?! I am appalled that your take on things is that they may be better YEARS from now. There are things that could be done TODAY to make our economic situation better but your leader (I do not claim him) is not doing any of them. If we can crawl out of the economic mess, then maybe I could think more clearly about gun control, immigration and what the hell Michelle is wearing.

  • Fran says:

    I thought the kool-aid trough would have been emptied by now. Unbelievable that you think what he is trying to do is for the good of the country. I'm sure Hitler felt the same way when he instituted the same policies...it's strange to me that he never mentions going after the guns held by the criminals,only legal gun owners. Let's not forget his administration purposely sent weapons to Mexico's drug cartels. How did that work for you?

  • Frank Brown says:

    We are going to get the government we deserve GOOD and HARD.
    Keep your powder dry and your pantry stocked, we're in for some real shit!

  • Dave Dude says:

    This mental health issue is a sham. Who will decide what is a mental illness? The elites in charge. Once a statute is enacted, the agencies get to pass regulations behind closed door that have the power of law. It is the PC environment that is changing the definitions of previously defined mental illnesses; Such as pedophiles and homosexuals. It will be politicians and regulators that will announce by fiat that anyone who wants a gun or has a gun is mentally ill. "Hey, you got to be crazy if you want a gun." Anyone who has a RX for anti depressants is mentally ill. If you don't think they would do this, just see how they redefined terrorist to include tea partyers, Constitutionalists, Christians. Meanwhile holder sends 1k's of rifles to drug cartels and bho sends actual assault weapons and fighter jets to muslim brotherhood. They are the ones who armed the terrorists in Lybia. This pervert would not know the truth if it slapped him in the face. P.S. you are supposed to eat hardtack, not smoke it.

  • Lynne Marie Wallace says:

    Really, ABSOLUTE RIGHTS? Mr. Dobias as a contributor? He is wishy washy, and clearly liberal leaning. I won't be passing this article on, let me summarize:
    1)He doesn't see who the current occupant of the w.h. really is nor understands the agenda that is behind him (see U.N.'s website )

    2 I agree with all 5 comments above and Dave D. is right on: this wasn't a mental health issue, it was spun that way AFTER the press described the Sandy Hook shooter as having 'Asperger's syndrome'. All of the shooters of innocents in schools and theaters the past several years were on some form of medication for ADHD or autism. Blame vaccines given to babies under age 2, prior to the immune system being fully developed. Greater Good, my eye. Change vaccine policy to start.
    3) The U.S. will fall soon, there won't be a United States in 20 years, nor even 10. All Republics that remove God from their leadership, which the US did in 1963 (50 year anniversary this year - prophetic?) fail. Bloated government destroys freedoms.

    Hire me as a contributing author, or any of the commenters above, A.R.

    • Tim Young says:

      Send me an article. [email protected] Make it good and I'll post it.

  • JJM says:

    Sounds like Karl is one of the 800,000 celebrating the continual destruction of our nation. Apparently he wants to sit back as our Liberty and Constitution is chipped away. "but we’ll see what he can deliver." "Nobody likes feeling like their rights are being trespassed upon, but you need to cut Obama some slack." "He doesn’t want to take away any of YOUR rights"

  • Jerry Tindel says:


    You are a seriously ignorant person. Your glasses aren't rose colored they are blacked out. Governments have NEVER given back "rights" that were taken. The other thing is government only has the right to limit or deny privileges not rights. Rights are GUARANTEED. In simple terms...... NON-NEGOTIABLE.

    • Tim Young says:

      Yeah I don't get his support of the President at all... but we're trying to show the 'other side.'

  • Jim28thReg says:

    What kind of blithering idiot wrote this crap? Bud you had best take a trip over to Russia and stay there they love people that suck up.

    • Karl Dobias says:

      I tried Russia- too cold and I grew weary of potato based dishes.

      • John says:

        Karl when are you going to wake up? Obuma Lies about Everything, Most transparent presidency? 5 days to read legislation before passing?, Closing Gitmo? No tax increases for the 98%?, Shovel ready jobs?, Lower the debt in half by the end of his first term? < Work across the isle with republicans?, Karl EVERY word this guy says is a LIE! HOW many promises does someone have to break for YOU to get that the man is a LIER! a Jobless recovery? Karl HOW can you have a Jobless recovery? How can people pay their bills with no job year in and year out?

        HE wont CUT a DIME of spending! We are Borrowing 46 cent of Every dollar! an 8 year old of today owes 250,000,000.00 - a (Quarter of a Million) to pay the Debt! There is NOT enough money in the World to pay for his spending! WE are headed over the CLIFF, The Dollar will Crash! and there will be riots in the streets if he is not stopped! READ your history books and look at govt's that are doing what HE is doing and what happened in those societies! WAKE UP this is YOUR Future!

    • Snappy says:

      Don't you guys get it? Karl claims to be a comedian. This is all a joke, right? No one really thinks like this. Ha ha ha. Funny. Love the bit. Take it on the road. take it to Vegas! Get a show on Comedy Central, so I can flip it over to Oprah or something.

  • vortex says:

    Cut him slack, where have been the last four years. Is this site absolute rights or absolutly retarded, I'm just stunned by your ignorance.

  • TC says:

    mental health? so long as we keep shoving gmos, additives, etc and oh, dont forget Psychotrophic et al Pharma drugs into our bodies, we aren't going to do to well along the mental -unhealth situation.

  • JJM says:

    Mention of Russia and Potatoes reminded me:
    Though I've never set foot in Russia, 23 years ago I did spend a month on board an ancient 70 meter Russian boat for the clean up of a seismic survey in the North Sea. 3 meals per day on a 24 hour per day operation included 2 to 4 oz of meat, potatoes, salad, bread and vegetable. And in discussion with 1st mate (which always included a couple shots of vodka) we were eating quite well as their client. Kitchen was locked up like a vault other than mealtime. No coffee, but luckily the 'swamper' would sneak some tea bags to our crew of 3 English and myself. And curiously Toilet Paper was supplied as individual squares.
    Today I look at the experience as a preview of what the 'good life' might hold for us if the Change we were promised does come to be.

  • JAMES WIRTH says:

    Karl, I am very concerned that this Web Presence even allows you to post your Leftist Bent Attitudes. If they continue to support you, give you space to print your crap on their Web Presence, then I may just have to quit this bunch.

    Your statement to let Owebummer tighten up the controls on the Second Amendment, and wait for the Government to erase some of their controls at a later date.... You not only are drinking the Owebummer Kool-Aid, but I envision you being one of the prime mixers of the poison.

    My suggestion to you is do not give Owebummer a single INCH..., he will take a MILE, or if that is your position then go back to the Liberal, Democrat Corner with your other Commies and Marxists.... YOU ARE NOT FOOLING ME WITH YOUR :

    "Please Can't We Just Get Along Stance"..... """"BULL PUCKY""""


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