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Al Gore Sells to Al-Jazeera

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Al-Jazeera has struggled to gain ground with American television viewers… maybe because they were the network who would publish videos from our enemies like Osama bin Laden, or maybe because they lean anti-American with their programming… but that may all change now thanks to their friend Al Gore.

Gore has sold Current TV, his network which is predicted to bring in $114 million in revenue in 2013, to Al-Jazeera for a currently undisclosed amount.  Don’t be fooled by names however… Al-Jazeera is owned by the government of Qatar, which means Current should now be considered Qatar state TV.

Stan Collender, a spokesperson for Al-Jazeera said that there are no rules in American broadcasting for having foreign ownership of a cable channel in contrast to the rules of foreign ownership in free-to-air networks. Another foreign entity currently broadcasting in America is the state-run Russian TV, a.k.a. RTV, which has bureaus in multiple American cities.

Al-Jazeera is expanding its current American operations to include 10 new US bureaus and many more reporters on the ground in America.

Perhaps this is a sign of the changing times in America, or a bias toward the anti-American left. Either way, you should get used to seeing even more bias on your television screens very soon.

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  • Lev Fedyniak says:

    While I am an American born and raised, I've lived for the past 15 years in Europe- 10 in Ukraine and 5 in the UK. While living in those countries I had access to both of the TV channels mentioned in this piece, Al-Jazeera and the Russian RTV.

    I viewed them often. While I disagreed, often vehemently, with the stories run and the things said, I must add they absolutely added a different perspective to world events, particularly as compared to the US perspective espoused by US news broadcasts. After all, we all know how accurate, complete and balanced US newscasts are, don't we? Hmmmm?

    We've gotten used to the "tunnel vision" that the US media has created for us, "dumbing down" the news and response to US actions in other parts of the world. Perhaps with a wider perspective we will be able to gain deeper insight into the actual impact on other people n the world that our government's actions have incurred. I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

    Do those other networks have their own agenda and their own "vision" that they're trying to promote. Hell yes! It's up to us to be able to discern events and their consequences, but to do that we need more and better info and having these TV stations does just that.

    So, I'm glad we will have access to them but I also caution against taking everything said on them as true and valid, just like I do with our own homegrown news broadcasts.

    • Jacqueline L says:

      I watch BBC and CBC for non-American world views. I do not expect them to always agree with American positions. BUT I do not expect them to demonize America while praising the Prophet and his pedophile, genocidal rantings!
      These people are the biggest threat to Western Civilizations and all of us who believe in those civilizations!

  • Jacqueline L says:

    He would not sell to the American group led by Glen Beck. But he sells to a group closely linked to Muslim Terrorism saying they are more closely aligned to his world views!
    As if we did not know he is a Leftist Liberal who does not believe HIS head would role under Islamic Shari a laws!
    No more MUSLIM influences is needed or wanted in a land of individual freedom of religion (not irony, as they do not believe any but theirs should exist!) And theirs is a Geo Political Cult more than a true religion!


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