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A Nuclear North Korea

Seismic activity was registered in North Korean territory recently. There are only three things that cause Seismic activity. Two are natural phenomena – plate tectonic shifting and volcanic eruptions. The third is a natural occurrence that takes place in the center of stars, and in man-made nuclear reactions.

When a nuclear weapon is detonated two things come along with the radioactive superheated molecular disintegration and destruction. The first event is a frightening incident known as an Electro-Magnetic Pulse, or EMP. In this kind of event all electronic equipment not protected by some sort of a Faraday Cage will cease to work, completely. To understand this result better I would suggest reading a book of fiction, based on science fact, written by William Forstchen called, One Second After. The second result accompanying the destruction event is an earthquake. This is how analysts have concluded that there is a high probability that North Korea has detonated a nuclear bomb.

What does a nuclear North Korea mean for the world? A nuclear North Korea can be as menacing, if not more than a Nuclear Iran. Iran will most probably use their nuclear weapons to destabilize the Middle East, realigning the power structure there to torment and destroy the peaceful nation of Israel and bully others like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, and possibly Turkey. This will be a problem for the world in that Iran will browbeat its oil rich OPEC neighbors to do their bidding like cutting supplies to western nations. If they do not follow nuclear Iran’s orders, they face the prospect of their sandy lands be turned to glass by the heat from an explosion as hot and violent as that found in the center of our sun. While that is a terrifying thought, a nuclear country that has never formally signed peace treaties with its neighbor and their allies, may be even worse.

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North Korea is like a cornered animal. A completely harmless and docile animal, like a dog, will turn violent and unpredictable when put into a corner and fearful for its life. It will fight in odd and dangerous ways to be out of that situation. North Korea is like that cornered dog. The world has condemned any and all nuclear actions by North Korea; even China came out against it. The United States has continually led efforts to sanction North Korea. Its people starve and its leaders act like infants in their ‘terrible two’ stage of life.

As parents can attest, children in their terrible twos first realize that they are independent beings, but are still under the control of their parents. Wishing to be free and make their own decisions they lash out and act in forceful ways hoping to gain appeasement and freedom; So too will North Korea. Because there is only a cease fire in place amongst the Koreas and other powers like the United States, it is not unexpected that the North may view the prosperity of the South as a way to gain freedom from the sanctions of the World. The south has an amazing economy with giant industrial enterprises like LG, Hyundai, KIA, Samsung, and Daewoo. The South creates enough energy to reliably supply its country, whereas the North only supplies enough to reliably power the capital, and leaves the outlying cities and countryside in the development stage of eighteenth century America. The South is replete with enough food to feed its citizens, while in the North the starvation rate is higher than the literacy rate.

The North is cornered by the world, and now with the ability to retaliate on a scale never seen before the reaction by Kim Jong Un will most probably be an unpredictable fight for life just as an animal will do if cornered by a stronger rival. Imagine having a two year old throw a fit over eating dinner and then handing that child a loaded gun or a sharpened knife. The outcome will not be a good one for anyone.


  1. WTF ?…So What??? We HATE JIM CAREY TO…lol lol lol lol

  2. NK acts like an illogical abused addict. Brainwashing the people who haven’t starved to death. Sad sorry situation. Pathetic that it doesn’t have to be like it is. It could change it’s ways and be like SK.

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