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UPDATED: A Billionaire, Beaches, Dogs, and a Murder

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This plot thickens by the day…

The already epic saga of antivirus software guru John McAfee and his involvement in a Belize murder has taken another twist.

The enigmatic John McAfee, the antivirus software guru, was arrested and detained by Guatemalan police on Wednesday after entering the country illegally. Thus ended his mysterious sojourn as a fugitive who blogged about his brush with the law in Belize.

In November, he refused to turn himself in to authorities in Belize who named him a “person of interest” in the murder of his neighbor, Gregory Viant Faull. He has been on the lam ever since, claiming his life would be in danger if he returns to Belize.

McAfee said on Wednesday that he requested asylum to Guatemala. His lawyer, Telesforo Guerra is urging Guatemalan judges to look at his case immediately due to alleged threats on his life in Belize.

The entire situation is rife with bizarre behavior and mystery.

McAfee had apparently had a series of arguments with his neighbors regarding allegations that he harbored illegal weapons and drug paraphernalia in his Belize beachfront home. He also admitted that his dogs were bothersome to Faull, and that Faull had repeatedly complained about the canines.

McAfee maintains his innocence in the murder case. Meanwhile, the Faull family has released a statement that the media frenzy surrounding McAfee’s potential involvement in the case has hindered the justice process.

At one point, McAfee blogged about having designed a ruse involving hiring a double with a fake passport in his name to enter Mexico.

“Belize does not have a good track record of providing safety when they ask to question you,” said McAfee.

A quintessential eccentric billionaire, McAfee absconded from silicon valley shortly after his company boomed in the 1980s. He claimed in 2009 that he had lost most of his $100 million fortune during the financial crisis, but his claims are not verified. He has a passion for ultra-light aircraft, herbal medications and yoga.

UPDATE:  Upon entering custody, McAfee began to have heart attack like symptoms and was rushed to a nearby hospital.  He has since been released… but this certainly makes the situation even more complex than it was before…

Is someone out to get McAfee?  What do you think happened? Did the government set him up? Comment below and tell us your thoughts!

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  • Srd says:

    I can undersand dealing with foreign authorities in Cental America as they can be extremely difficult as they have their own personal concerns to fullfill first and if things don't go their way you must be dealt with to preserve their own credibility. If they find you have stature & money, you're doomed! Whether you're guilty or not. His security guards, are they really trained, could they hit an eight inch target at 1000 yards the first time? Are the high-powered rifles legal in Belize, I think not, doesn't look good for McAfee. This photo of him with this guards does not shed a good light.

    • Tim Young says:

      I thought about that when we were choosing which picture to post. This was obviously a staged shot. It's one thing to be rich from selling a computer program... it's another to have your hands in so much illegal activity that you become paranoid and hire armed guards...

  • Stu. says:

    Hi Tim;
    One shouldn't draw conclusions without facts and experience. Hiring guards in Latin America proves nothing except an instinct for self preservation. In Costa Rica, a relatively civilized and democratic Central American country, I routinely had two guards, one a 250# Costa Rican and the other an American street fighter (both unarmed), any time I took money (relatively small amounts in the $2500 to $7000 range) to the bank. [These moneys resulted from assembling car parts into automobiles and selling same, not drugs.]
    Cheers! Stu.

    • Tim Young says:

      True Stu, but there are also photos, quotes, and witnesses that show him doing all sorts of drugs including refining bath salts of all things. As much as I generally believe that he is innocent of murder, I think he's, as my mom would say, "hanging around with the wrong crowd."

  • Byron J. says:

    Wow, eccentric to the max, and it's almost like he's doing this for fun.

    • Tim Young says:

      You get that vibe when you see the videos and interviews of him. Like he's just trying to stir up a good story.


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